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our big knit flickr group


Our Big Knit flickr group is starting to fill up nicely now. I've just found this lovely little jumper in there which really reminds me of our second ever smoothie of the month label. It's not quite a hat granted, but it is knitted and little and woolly. And it fits quite nicely on top on a bottle.

We've also added a little widget showing some more of the photos in the group to the side of this page. Please feel free to upload your own pics if you're a hat knitter, or wait for them to turn up in the shops and take a snap if you're a collector.

Oh the joys of technology (and good old fashioned sharing).

lunchtime knitting

We thought our big knit hatometer needed a bit of a boost so we had a lunchtime knitting lesson from some of the ladies from Age Concern Hounslow. We enjoyed it so much that a tea, biscuit and knitting lunchtime group is sure to follow.

Needles at the ready.

Ginger Sarah gets her needles in a twist.