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hat of the week and hats for auction

A pirate, a black and white movie film star, and a Russian doll all walk into a bar. What happens next? Please go to our facebook and give us some suggestions, and whilst you're at it vote for this week's hat of the week. Up for the eponymous title this week is Captain Jack Sparrow, Charlie Chaplin, and Babushka the Russian doll.

Charlie jack and russian doll

You can also bid for these three treasures over on ebay now, along with the modest mouse, and Mario and Luigi hats, as below. Every penny raised on ebay will go direct to Age UK, making winter warmer for older people. Last week we raised over £100, thank you so much for bidding.


Mario and Luigi inspired.



the wonderful knitting of Susan Smith

Does the name Susan Smith ring a bell? We've mentioned her once or twice before. Why? Because she's an absolutely genius knitter. What this woman can't knit, we just don't know (and nor do we want to know about it). Here she is with a Florence Nightingale smoothie cover.


Her needlework first caught our attention with the Unicorn big knit hat last year, along with a little Robin and a kicking-heeled Santa. This year she sent us some absolute gems, including this one of Mary, Joseph, and a tiny Baby Jesus.


Susan popped by the towers for tea and cake last week, and happened to bring along some of her other knitting work. We were amazed, and just had to share some of them with you. Such as her garden gnomes.


Finger puppets of Sooty and Sweep.


And a caveman, cavewoman, and their pet monster.


A big thank you to Susan for brightening up our Friday afternoon, and showing us how much more there is to knitting than we'd ever imagined.

owls for auction and hat tag winners

You may remember this little gem of a big knit hat as knitted by Hazel Baker, a cranky owl. Would you like to own him? Would you also like to raise more money for Age UK? Well you can do both of these things, by placing a bid on him on ebay. Good luck.

Owl x 2

In other news, here are this week's hat tag winners. Counting down from third place, we have Claire Watson's sheep.

3 Claire Watson's pink sheep

In second place Leanne Lunn and her cat.

2 Leanne Lunn's Cat

And in prime position Karen Green's angry bird.

1 Karen Green's Angry Bird

There's still another two weeks left of the competition, so please do get involved. To check the rules for entry, go here.


hat tagging explained

So what is this hat tagging all about? Hat tagging is when you take a picture of a friend, colleague, pet, landmark (well, pretty much anything as long as it isn't rude) but with one of our big knit hats between your camera and your subject, so it looks like they're wearing it. Here's a set of helpful instructions on how to hat tag.

How to hat tag tweaked

1 - buy an innocent smoothie with a hat on it.
2 - get a camera (old school or nu skool will do).
3 - hold the hat between your camera and your subject (in this case, little Jimmy) then take the snap. Do not put the hat on to your subject, or we won't be able to accept it into the competition (note, you can submit pictures of your animals, as long as they fit this rule).
4 - keep it real, these can look a little messy, and you can leave your fingers in the picture.
5 - go to our big knit tab on facebook and upload your masterpiece.

Remember, if the picture does not fit these rules, we will remove it from the competition. Happy snapping and tagging.