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sustainability a-z part 3

Imagine that you’re Pluto. One day you’re a planet, quietly minding your own planetty business, doing planetty things on the edge of the solar system. The next, someone with a lab coat and a clipboard comes along and tells you that, actually, all things considered, you’re not a planet after all. That’s quite a big change. You'll have to get your business cards remade, not to mention change your LinkedIn bio, and maybe even notify your local council. It's not the sort of thing you can just brush off and take in your stride.

Not every change has to be that big though. Changing your socks is straight forward enough, and changing what side you’re lying on is so easy that you can do it in your sleep. There are lots of little changes you can make, which are so small that you’ll barely notice them, but that can add up to have a big impact.  

With a bit (okay, a lot) of help from the brains at Do Nation, we’ve found a bunch of small changes that everyone can make to help look after the Earth, so that it doesn’t change. The final instalment is below, and if you’re the no-stone-unturned sort, you can catch up on the previous bits here and here

quality not quantity

Instead of buying loads of stuff, buy well-made, long-lasting bits instead. And practice your DIY skills by fixing anything that breaks.

recycle of life

Closing the loop on the stuff you use is a great way to be more sustainable. Make sure you put your waste in the right bins and, if you haven’t already, apply to the council for a food waste bin so it can become compost.


sustainability a-z part 2

Nature loves changing. The humble caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. A tiny acorn turns into a gigantic oak tree. And then there's the weather...

March - SNOW April - SUMMER A confused nation walks around in it's big coat and flip flops

Inspired by nature (and the clever lot at Do Nation) we've been thinking of some changes we could make to help look after it. We shared a few of them last month, and then left you on the edge of your seats, wondering just what might come after H. The wait is finally over, and it turns out it's I.


insulate to accumulate

Your loft is the biggest culprit for poor insulation. Lagging your loft properly means your house can do a better job of staying warm in winter and cool in summer and not leak extra heat into the atmosphere.


sustainability a-z, part 1

The Earth is pretty great. That lovely sunset you posted on Instagram? That was The Earth, #NoFilter. Those ducklings you spotted, waddling along like fluffy little lemons? The Earth again. Mashed potato? That was The Earth, with a bit of help from your mashing muscles.

With so much wonder in the world, it's important we all look after it. We've signed up with Do Nation, to make pledges to help us live our lives on the green side. Inspired by this, we've made an a-z of little changes that add up to make a big difference. 

ants in your pants

Doing a bit of exercise is a great way to be more sustainable. Instead of driving you could walk, cycle, or invest in a fancy pair of rollers blades. Good for you, good for the planet.

boil under

Kettles are pretty inefficient. Cutting down the number of times you boil yours a day will reduce your energy consumption and give you an excuse to pull out the teapot more often.