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stop the drop

Bill consults the professionals

When you've had enough of the men's platform synchro diving, archery and other sporting delights, flick over to BBC1 at 8.30pm tonight to watch Panorama. The author Bill Bryson (who's also the President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)) will be taking a cold, hard look at the mess we’re making of our glorious land. Apparently we drop 25 million tonnes of litter each year and spend £650 million trying to clean it up. So Bill and the CPRE launched their ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign on 16th April which we applaud (loudly).

Anyone can get involved. Detailed information is available at on how we can all help, including emailing your MP or organising a litter pick in your neighbourhood. So watch the show tonight, visit the site and don't make a mess, please.

transformers ... men in disguise?


1984. Not just a title of a book, but a vintage year in television. I fondly recall watching The Love Boat on a Sunday evening, in front of the fire and eating hot buttered crumpets. This was a big thing as a kid in our house (the eating in front of the fire, not the buttered crumpets) as it was the only time we were allowed to sit away from the table and eat our tea. If you're of a certain age, you may remember other ace programmes like The A-Team, Robin of Sherwood and ... Transformers. Who could forget those robots in disguise? Clearly not these men. Thanks to Kate for the link and Devin Carraway for the picture. Oh and watch out for the guy towards the end of the clip. He's digging it.

winning stuff on the telly

This isn't we-won-a-prize week, but we did win another prize. And seeing as this one was on the telly, it seems churlish not to give you a blow by blow account, almost as if you'd watched it on the box:

The show begins. It's on prime time ITV, just like Coronation Street and Heartbeat. Proper telly.

Here's Gordon. He'll be presenting the prize for 'Business Achievement'.

"Could it be us?" Adam wonders. Jon and Richard say nothing and smile, whilst the women behind them fall asleep.

"Blimey," says Adam, "we've won." Jon is excited and quickly looks down to check that his shoes are on the right feet.

"Thank you Gordon" says Jon. "And good luck with the new job."

"I knew we shouldn't have let him collect the prize," think Jon and Richard.

Rubbish captions aside, we were very surprised and extrememly chuffed to win. As Adam said in his acceptance speech, "I'd just like to thank my hairdresser" we couldn't have done it without the people who drink our drinks. Without you, we'd be a useless business. So thank you, again. We've got a lot to be grateful for.

by 'eck

Word reaches us of an innocent lookalike:

Our Simon...

...and our Ashley.

Separated at birth? You decide.