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rich and the dragon, part 2

Last night on BBC2, our Rich was put through his paces by Peter Jones, the dragon with the stripiest socks we've ever seen, on Peter's new show: How We Made Our Millions.

If you missed it and would like a nose around Fruit Towers and an insight in to how Rich, Jon and Adam run things (sometimes even with matching wardrobes), take a look on BBC iPlayer here:

We hope you like it - please do let us know what you think

richard and the dragon

Earlier this year, Rich bravely opened up his heart, soul and office to Peter Jones, the very shrewd (and very tall) dragon, for a brand new show called How We Made Our Millions.

It's all about Peter getting to know entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick, what drives them to be successful, and how organised their stationary cupboard really is.

Peter popped in to Fruit Towers to have a nose around, chat to the people who work here, and get a better understanding of why Rich (and Jon and Adam) run things the way they do.

He also brought his camera mates along and you can see Dan's yellow outfit, Rich giving a dragon fashion tips and Peter being a little bit scared of Oli's ankles on Wednesday night at 9pm on BBC2.

Peter Jones

And if you've ever wanted to ask Rich a question, just post it our Facebook wall ( as he's going to be answering them all straight after the show.

dropping science (and fruit)


We're making a new TV advert. The clever ones among you will be able to tell that it features fruit. Using the latest "dropping fruit from a rickety bit of scaffolding" technique, we are hoping to make something beautiful, entertaining and innocent in its nature.


Pete ("the best in the business") is looking after the fruit. He picks it, preens it and sometimes talks to it.


Helen is the director. She's firm but fair, and is guiding us towards sunlit uplands.


And the fruit just keeps rolling. Down chutes, from wires and pretty much every other way you can imagine that fruit could be propelled. We will stop at nothing until we have made fruit do every trick in the book.

see Rich on the telly

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 15.02.14

We know this is a bit late in the day given that it happened on Tuesday, but we felt the appearance of our very own Richard Reed on The Apprentice: You're Fired was worthy of a quick mention. If you missed it, head to BBC iPlayer here to see him play "guess the fruit" with the first victim of Lord Sugar's pointy finger. He did us proud.

a little film about little films


On a very rainy Saturday four weeks ago, we held a little workshop here at Fruit Towers to launch our mini movies competition. Ben Wheatley- film director, very funny chap, and the maker of our superhero ad- spent the day with us, talking about his own experience, sharing top tips, and helping our film makers' make their own little mini movies on the day.

This is our little video about the day- thanks to Mark and Dan for all the time they put into making this for us:

To find out how you could get your work on TV, and win £5000, take a peak here here.