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saying hola to our strawberries

We use a lot of different fruits in our drinks. Pretty much all of them, actually (if you don’t count the weird ones you sometimes get with posh desserts). To make sure that we’re only ever putting the best tasting ingredients into our drinks, we go out and visit our farmers during the season of each fruit to make sure everything meets our standards and that the farm is ship shape from a technical, safety, quality and sustainability point of view. April means strawberry season in Spain so our Elodie and Lotte went over a couple of weeks back to pay a visit to our sunny Spanish farms.


While on their travels, they met with Pepe, one of our farmers. He has been working at the farm for more than thirty years and is really passionate about his work. Elodie and Lotte had the chance to try a few of his strawberries and can confirm that they were delicious (and would make a lovely pair of earrings). 


While the strawberries are in season, one plant will flower an average of eight times and it takes roughly twenty one days between the flower blossoming and picking an actual strawberry that we can use in our drinks. We don’t mind waiting around a bit for the perfect berry and we know they’re ready when they’ve grown large, orangey-red and sweet with a jammy flavour.


While we’re very picky about the taste of our berries, we aren’t picky about what they look like. We're happy to include all the weirdly shaped strawberries that the fresh market doesn’t want, which means there’s pretty much no waste.


Adventure Times

Recently, we’ve been hankering after a good, old-fashioned adventure. You know, one where you have to use the knots you learnt in Scouts, sleep in a hammock and potentially wield more than three settings on your Swiss army knife. However, fruit towers is stationed firmly in London so finding the time to go off into the wilderness to fill our lungs with fine English country air and ramble about a bit can be slightly tricky.

Step up Alastair Humphreys, seasoned adventurer and all-round nature superhero.

He runs micro adventures for people who find it difficult to fit exploration and getting back to nature into their 9 to 5 routine. He shows them that there are adventures to be found very close to home, if you just take the time to seek them out.

We enlisted his adventurous services and he kindly agreed to take the best team in the business (the Marketing team, naturally) to a mystery location and lead us through some of England’s finest countryside to a makeshift campsite under the trees.

There, we spent the night building a fire, cooking a mean beef stew and sleeping under the stars, before heading off bright and early to catch the train back to work in the morning.

We all fell a little bit in love with Al on the trip, and have been buried in his book ever since. We would definitely recommend embarking on a #microadventure of your own - we came back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and slightly braver than we were before.

You can buy Alastair’s books, take a look at his beautiful website or follow him on twitter and facebook.