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our friends at fareshare

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Over the past few weeks we've been turning perfectly good fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste into smoothies at a local school, and we've been helped along the way by FareShare who've been delivering the fruit to East Sheen Primary School each and every week.

FareShare are a national UK charity supporting communities to relieve food poverty, and our Lou popped down to their depot at Park Royal the other week to see just what goes on in an average day.

Here she met Daniel, the depot boss (the chap on the left), and David, a nice man who works there.

6. daniel and david

As well as promoting the message that ‘No Good Food Should Be Wasted’ and providing training and education in safe food preparation and nutrition through their Eat Well Live Well programme, FareShare get good quality surplus product from the food and drink industry to people who really need it. In 2010/11, the food redistributed by FareShare contributed towards more than 8.6 million meals. That's a lot of food.

1. goods in

Here's where the goods arrive

2. oranges

3. pineapples

Pineapples and oranges like these are perfect for turning into smoothies

4. pointing

Pointing at things in crates is par for the course when you work in a warehouse

5. checking the orders

David checks off the day's orders to make sure everything's going to the right place.

To find out a bit more about what we're up to and watch a video of our Rich on a bike-powered blender head here (if you're a bit short of time, skip straight to 1:20 to see the man himself in action).

introducing the waste-o-meter

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We're hoping to save 1500 portions of unwanted fruit from going to waste by turning it into smoothies at a local school over the next few weeks, and what better way to measure our progress than with the latest addition to our ever growing family of o-meters - the waste-o-meter.

Waste-o-meter 111010

So far we've saved 540 portions of perfectly good fruit from a bin-shaped fate, so there's still a bit of a way to go, but like the proverbial tortoise we’ve every confidence we’ll make it.

To find out how your school could get involved head here and keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks as we’ve got some blenders to give away to some lucky schools if we reach our target.

taste not waste - the launch

Last week we launched our exciting new project - taste not waste. Our Lou, Rich and Jojo headed down to East Sheen Primary School with a merry band of helpers from innocent, the guys from food waste group A Taste of Freedom and Zac Goldsmith MP.

Team Photo

There, we turned 170 portions of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste into delicious smoothies for the kids, and will be doing so every Friday for the next 7 weeks.

There was lots of (supervised) chopping


A little bit of fooling around


Prentending we'd won the World Cup

Innocent 10

Smoothie supping aplenty


And sitting on benches that were clearly too small for us.


You can track the progress of the project here via the magic of our very own waste-o-meter, and if you fancy doing a similar thing at your school we've put together a handy guide with some hints and tips on how to go about it. We'd love for you to give it a go yourselves and help save even more perfectly good portions of fruit from going to waste.

a little help from some friends

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The launch of our little project to do good with unwanted fruit is almost upon us, so we thought it only right to introduce some of the people who'll be helping out along the way.

This is Eloise


And this is Emily


They both work for the organisation A Taste of Freedom whose sole purpose is tackling the problem of food waste. Along with Tristram Stuart, author and campaigner, they run a fantastic outreach programme providing workshops and talks on food waste and sustainability at schools and other venues, and they also make a pretty mean smoothie.

Here they are in action at our pilot day back in July giving a lesson on the madness of food waste (check out the oversized pupil at the back)


Mixing the fruit for the smoothies


Acting like true professionals when overenthusiastic shaking of the tarpaulin causes it to rip (obviously no fruit was wasted and it was all lovingly washed before going into the final smoothie)


Putting the smooth into smoothie (sorry)


Supervising a shaky Rich


This Friday and every Friday for the next 8 weeks we'll all be heading down to East Sheen Primary School and helping the kids make smoothies with a bunch of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste.

We'll let you know how it goes.

doing good with unwanted fruit

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Every week in the UK, we each throw away 5 of our 5-a-day portions of fruit. 5 whole portions. In the bin. Instead of in your belly. 5 whole portions that will never get the chance to cuddle up next to a cheese and ham sandwich and a biscuit finger in a Transformers lunch box or be cut up into bite-sized chunks for half time at the school football match.

Not only is this total madness, it’s also a total waste of money, goodness and bananas. That’s why we’re running a little project with A Taste of Freedom and our friends at Fareshare to take all that unwanted fruit to places where it will do real good. Come September, we’ll be visiting East Sheen Primary School once a week to make smoothies with a pile of fruit that would have otherwise been thrown away. If our test run back in July was anything to go by, it's going to be a lot of fun, and more than a little bit messy.