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it's recycle week

recycle week 18-24 june

It's recycle week and this time the focus is on plastic bottles, which makes a lot of sense given that we get through 15 million of the things every single day in the UK. And what with Euro 2012 and the Olympics and lots of other occasions to be merry on the horizon, it's likely we'll get through a lot more. recycle week poster
Ninety percent of councils will recycle plastic bottles nowadays, either via kerbside collection or through recycle banks. To find out what you can recycle at home, just head over to the recycle now website and use their handy postcode checker.

forgotten feast

Our friends at Forgotten Feast are getting back in the kitchen and serving up another banquet this month, giving you the chance to fill your belly with all sorts of wild and wonderful dishes that would have otherwise gone to waste. This time they're collaborating with the surplus food charity FoodCycle and setting up shop in the Fleet River Bakery, London. forgotten feastThe event will be running from Thursday 21st June - Saturday 23rd June with dinner served at 7.30pm each night. There'll also be a delicious Sunday lunch on offer on the 24th at 3pm. A three course dinner with a complimentary aperitif will set you back £35, but earlybird tickets are now on sale for just £30.

Proceeds from the event will go to FoodCycle to help the charity feed some of the 4 million people affected by food poverty in the UK, and to creating other Forgotten Feast events.

the footprint awards

We're very proud to announce that last week innocent won the Footprint Sustainable Sourcing Award. The Footprint Awards are given to businesses who are making a difference to sustainability in the Foodservice industry, and to enter we had to demonstrate how the sourcing of our fruit and veg around the world makes a positive impact on the environment and communities we work with.

Our Philippa was all smiles on the night as she collected the award.   philippa collecting innocent's sustainable sourcing trophy at the footprint awards

The Judges were really impressed with the innovation & impact shown in three of our major projects:

1. Spanish Strawberries Water Efficiency project
Taking a partnership approach to reducing water use in the region.

2. Climate adaptation project in India
Helping farmers to adapt to adverse conditions and increase the productivity of Alphonso mangoes.

3. Smallholder mango farming project in Rajapuri
Helping farmers to improve their agricultural practices and marketing approach in order to increase their income.

We're very lucky to have such dedicated fruit and sustainability teams who make projects like this possible. Thanks guys.

the innocent foundation

innocent foundation


We are really proud of the innocent foundation which was set up as a registered charity in 2004. The company had supported community organisations from day one, but as profits grew it felt right to make the commitment to charity more formal.

  pragya village - snowed in for 7 months of the year

(Pragya, Indian Himalayas - residents are snowed in for 7 months of the year) 

How does it work?

The employees, shareholders, EBT and company of innocent drinks give 10% of profits to charity, the majority of which goes to the innocent foundation. In practice this means that the foundation gets a minimum donation of £250,000 each year and the donation gets bigger the bigger the company profit is.

Just like all charities there is a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the charity’s management. They decide how and where the money is spent and make sure the foundation is doing the right things. Our Trustees are the three founders of innocent plus the lovely Christina Archer who has lots of experience of working with the sort of projects we support and brings an external perspective to things. Alan, who also works for innocent, acts as Treasurer for the foundation.

find your feet project

(Vegetable growers, Project Find your Feet - we've been partners since 2004) 

Then we have a team of innocent staff who volunteer their time to keep everyone in touch with what's going on with the projects we support. There are 17 people involved this year.

Finally, there is a foundation guardian whose job is to make sure everything goes smoothly, find great projects to fund and manage the relationships with our amazing partner organisations.

How do we decide what to fund?

The foundation Trustees review the strategy each year and decide how we will work and what we will fund.

In 2012 the focus is on sustainable farming for a secure future, working in the developing countries where innocent sources fruit (we use the UN Human Development Index to decide where the greatest need is).

send a cow - one of our first projects

We like to keep things simple and for the time being the foundation is funding projects run by experts – UK and European based small and medium sized NGOs.

We are really proud of what has been achieved to date. We have had the opportunity to support over 40 projects so far and invested over £1.5 million in projects which have had an impact on over 360,000 lives.  This wouldn't have been possible without you, our drinkers.  Thank you.

We like our funding to be used for leverage where it can be, and our partners have used it to generate a total of almost £6.9 million, which has impacted 530,000 people’s lives.

There are some really exciting new projects coming up, and two of us from Fruit Towers will soon be preparing for visits.  Keep your eyes peeled as we're going to bring you more info in the coming months.