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how do you solve a problem like smelly trainers?

smelly trainers

It's been a bit warm recently so we've ventured out in our trainers without wearing any socks. Big mistake. Now they stink. But we're not going to panic, because our friends at Friends of the Earth have told us that if we sprinkle a bit of bicarbonate of soda inside them tonight, they won't smell half as bad by morning. Bingo.


recycling our cartons

Plans for a new beverage carton recycling plant in the UK have just been announced, which is great news as it means UK based recycling for all of our cartons.

Our drinks cartons are made from paper with a very thin layer of plastic on either side which makes it waterproof. Up until now cartons that have been collected for recycling have had to be exported to mainland Europe to be recycled, but come next year when the new UK plant is up and running, they'll no longer have so far to travel.

At the moment 89% of UK households can recycle cartons, either through kerbside collection schemes or through a bring-bank system, but hopefully once the new plant is operational that figure will be even higher.