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We won an award

A few weeks ago we won a Guardian Sustainable Business Award. "When are you going to stop going on about it?" you ask. "Never," we reply. Here’s a video of our CEO Douglas talking to The Guardian about why we’re so excited about it


Little Free Library

In 2009, Tod Bol from Wisconsin decided to build a model of a schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former school teacher who loved to read. He built the house out of recycled materials, filled it with books and placed it on a post in his garden with a sign on it that read ‘Little Free Library.’

His family and friends loved the idea, so he made some more little houses and gave those away for them to start their own libraries – and when their family and friends loved it as much as they did the idea for a global network of Little Free Libraries was born.

Anyone can build their own little house in the design of their choice, stock it with books they love, register it as an official Little Free Library and share it with their community. It’s estimated that by 2014 there will be as many as 12,000 libraries across 6 continents, and it’s growing all the time. 

You can find out more about this lovely enterprise and how you can get involved on the Little Free Library website here If you need some inspiration for your library design, here's a gallery of some of the houses people have built over the last four years