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how to win over your colleagues

There are few different sure-fire ways to become popular at work:

1.) Always volunteer for the tea round

2.) Notice when someone gets a new haircut/jumper/child

3.) Always have chewing gum at your desk

4.) Provide co-workers with unexpected free stuff

That last one works especially well and, as it happens, you can now sign up your whole office for a delivery of free super smoothies if you work in London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester,Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham or Leicester.

new innocent super smoothies 

Simply email telling us where you work, and that glory and everlasting office popularity could be yours. And the corner office with the big window. Just saying.

January survival guide

As a new year dawns, it can often feel as though everything's turning on you. Adverts before Christmas telling you to relax and treat yourself are suddenly having a go at you for daring to eat carbohydrates and the colleague whose desk drawers could always be relied upon for an illicit 11am treat now exists solely on liquidised lettuce leaves, shrieking in the face of anyone who questions them that 'they've never felt better'. It's tough, but don't worry - Kriss Akabusi is hear to help.

And *SHAMELESS PIECE OF JANUARY-RELATED MARKETING AHEAD* our super smoothies are crammed full of good stuff and are just the thing to help you show winter who's boss.

innocent super smoothies


So, you know, buy one if you want?

Nailed it.

Super smoothies all grown up.

Once upon a time, we made three brand new super smoothies. They grew up, started locking themselves in their room and wouldn’t go shopping with us anymore. They also had a growth spurt and got a bit bigger. What we're trying so say is that you can now enjoy them in a super-size 750ml carton.

Reasons to try them: they’re delicious, they’re full of good stuff, and they’re so bright they can stun a man from twenty paces.

If you’re still not convinced would it help if we told you that they contained such excellent, and rather exotic-sounding, ingredients as selenium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails? Or the oft overlooked vitamin B6 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue?

So, basically, they’ll have you up and at em, with a perfectly coiffed do, in no time.