Thoughts from category: stuff you've sent us

some innocent adverts

First up, we should stress that these aren't ads that we made. They were done by some students in Norway. We found them on the web and thought we'd share.


This one features Joan of Arc.


This one depicts Socrates.


And here's Jesus.

a feteful weekend

the innocent village fete

It's been a couple of weeks since our village fete in Regent's Park so we thought we'd share some stuff that we've uploaded and you've uploaded to the web since then (because 'tinternet was made for sharing).

First up our little film of the highlights from the weekend that bring it all back again...

Then here are some great shots from our fete flickr group and facebook event page.

Rainy yet resilient / at least it didn't snow.





The bit when summer did what it's meant to do






We'll be sorting through all of the pictures from both groups in a couple of weeks and will put together a shortlist for the year's supply of smoothies competition. Then we'll get our innocent family to vote on the best 3 photos. Just like last year.

So if you've got any leftover photos or video from the weekend hanging about, upload them now to be in with a chance of winning big.

kids design competition winners (& a new kids recipe)


A little while ago we held a competition to see if you could design our kids cartons. We had loads of brilliant entries – thank you to everyone who drew, cut, pasted and glued. We chose four excellent winners, all of them announced here previously, and now looking very smart in their finished glory below.

We'd definitely suggest it's worth clicking on each to see them bigger.

By Holly.

By Max.

By Lizzie.

By Charlotte.

Check out for all of the winners and runners-up – we hope you like them as much as we do.


And here's our new kids recipe that the winning designs will all be featured on... Please say hello to pomegranates, blueberries & blackcurrants. Look out for the winning designs, and the new recipe in the shops from now.

doodle things and win stuff winners

We ran a little competition in our weekly email newsletter a couple of weeks ago to doodle on the label of June's smoothie of the month. Our Ben's just had a look over all the entries (you can see them all here) and decided on his three favourites. Which in no particular order are...

jomrpicklemolloy "Everyone went ‘ooo’ at this one. we think the birds make it, and the grass skirt."

sueappleton60's not so innocent desert island "Lots of brownie points here for pre-sketching in pencil. Preparation."

and creative_one "Nice use of felt tips, and we like milky joe too."

A box of smoothies goes to each of the winners. Keep an eye on your inbox for even more chances to win stuff.

spreadable biscuits anyone?

A very kind drinker brought us a present last week when they popped into Fruit Towers


Speculoos is the spreadable version of those little biscuits you get with your coffee in posh coffee shops.


Those little biscuits are techincally known as speculaas and are a traditionally eaten on 5th December in Belgium and the Netherlands to celebrate St. Nicholas' Eve.

Seeing as biscuits last about 3 minutes in our kitchen, the biscuit spread has gone down a storm and has overtaken chocolate spread as the choice of topping for 3:30pm toast munchies.


Alternatively, it tastes just as good straight from the jar.


Cup of tea optional.