Thoughts from category: stuff you've sent us

this months rate & review winner

Along with being a very productive month for moustaches at fruit towers November also saw less facial hair related growth in our new rate and review feature.

As promised we'll pick out our favourite review every month and award its author a special innocent shaped prize. And here's this months winner, by Yasmin from London, which takes a school report style review to our orange juice.

To be in with a chance to win the prize for Decembers best review go and find your favourite drink or veg pot and pen it an ode.

the pinboard gallery

We get loads of great stuff sent in for our pinboard gallery so we thought it was time we did a bit of a Tony Hart style round up of some of the gems adorning our pinboard of late.


Here are Becca's top 5 favourites this week

JS and Jake

This collage came in from JS and Jake. Becca particularly liked the use of glitter, that Jake's favourite thing is buttons and that JS and Jake collect their chicken's eggs in a bucket.

Comic strip

Isabel Mitchell sent us this brilliant comic strip, illustrating how sharing is always caring.

Fruit graph

Class P4M made us a graph of all their favourite smoothie recipes and got a fat red tick (and a sticker) for their efforts.


Will designed us a whole host of fetching fruit character cards.


And Emma made a decoupage of one of our bottles in a field.

You can look at more stuff on our online pinboard but in the meantime, please keep sending us your stuff to keep our wall full and happy.

new house

Jonathan M and his children sent us some photos of how they've taken recycling our kids' packaging to a whole other level by providing housing for their pet gerbils.


Jumper and Digger moved in to their new house last week and having settled in comfortably, are now waiting to hear back on planning permission to install a wheel to run round in and some sort of water feature.


fruits tower, japan

Thanks to Mark G for sending in this photo of a huge building he came across on his recent trip to Osaka.


Apparently, there were no smoothie or fruit related companies inside the building but there was a company who make karate suits.

Handy to know next time you're in Osaka and your karate kit gets lost in transit.