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cake by post


Di came along to our AGM the other week and after seeing how partial we all are to a bit of cake, she very kindly sent us some of her Suffolk rusks in the post.


They taste lovely warmed up with some butter and some jam (according to Kat H).

Thanks, Di

sans orange

Dog Safety Orange Vest

This dog is not really a big fan of orange, health and safety always comes first though.

Today is the second day of March which means two things, spring and the announcement of February's rate and review winner. Ceri's pipped me to the post with the first spring blog post of 2009 (I'm normally down the park with a camera quicker than a March hare in, umm, March).

So onto our rate and review winner. This month it goes to Fredi from Winchester who pointed out on our mangoes & passion fruits page that not everyone can drink orange juice.


We've been messing about with orange free smoothies in the kitchen for sometime but can now say that it won't be very long at all until Fredi can try her very first innocent smoothie. Thanks for giving us the extra impetus Fredi. We'll be in contact to arrange getting a box of orange free innocent shaped things to you very shortly.

Sans means 'without', you learn something new everyday. Unless you already knew this, in which case I'm wearing green and blue striped socks today. So now you all know at least one new thing.


It's Valentine's Day on Saturday. Last year, we made a photo love story on a shoestring budget to celebrate. But this year, we thought we'd get you to share the love instead.

All you have to do is add your WLTM ad as a comment below, and the best one will end up on one of our labels.

Label love

What's more, we'll send you and the person you fancy a heart shaped case of each.

Here's an example of something we came up with earlier:

Gorgeous brunette on 8:38am to Colchester

You were wearing a red coat, drinking one of these smoothies. I was the shy, blond chap with the eyepatch. You smiled at me when you got off. Wish I’d asked for your number. Would love to take you for a coffee. Or maybe another 2 portions of fruit? You might think I’m odd, writing on smoothie bottles. But I thought this would be the best way to find you. And I’m just a hopeless romantic, taking a chance on love. With an eyepatch. If you read this, get in touch BOX 541.

Your word limit is approximately 90 words - that's what we can fit on the side of a bottle.

And to help get those loving thoughts flowing, here are a few more (slightly short) examples from the good people right here at Fruit Towers:






Remember, your ad needs to be no more than 90 words long.

And for those of you who tend to waffle on a bit here's a quick guide to LHA (lonely hearts acronyms):

WLTM - Would like to meet

GSOH - Good sense of humour

OHAC - Own house and car

OHAT - Own hair and teeth

Closing date is Monday 16th February. Happy love spreading.

pat 'the hat' rawcliffe

Hat of year winner pat rawcliffe

We had some special visitors today, of the knitting variety.

The one and only Pat Rawcliffe - owner of the magical pair of hands that knitted this year's hat of the year - popped into fruit towers today with her three lovely friends Margaret, Marjorie and Bridget. There were many fine hats sent in this year, but there was only one knitter out there with the skill, vision and downright courage to knit a Ram With a Big Left Eye hat. Pat Rawcliffe, ladies and gentlemen - breaking down knitting barriers and purling her own path to the delight of us mere mortals. What a lady.