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old jokes home

It's Friday, it's May and it's sort a holiday already.

What better day than to start the innocent Old Jokes Home?


It's very simple.

Just post your favourite worst joke below (not rude please) and the best ones will not only end up on our cartons (and in this cyber retirement home) but the winners will receive a case load of drinks for their efforts.

Hurrahahaha indeed.

Here's a couple to start you off:

What’s the difference between a kangaroo and kangaroot?

One is a marsupial and the other is a Geordie trapped in a lift.

What do you call a woman balancing a pint on her head whilst playing pool?

Beatrix Potter

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

Put it in the oven until it's Bill Withers

(N.B you need to say these out loud)

cake love

Simon came along to our AGM on Saturday, sporting a fetching yellow t shirt and bearing a homemade cake from his wife, Sarah.


Sarah made the cake using our lemon, honey and ginger smoothie. Here she is with a slice of her own handiwork and a rosette which she won for being the 'Best Cake Baker' in her office.


Simon handed over the cake with strict instructions that we share it round everyone on Monday

So here is the evidence of us doing just that.


We'll see if we can get the recipe off Sarah.

For now, thanks to Simon and Sarah for a great bit of cake and for making JT at the back so manically happy.

smoothie art


Big thanks to Rosie (aged nine) for sending us these photos of her homemade smoothie art

Muffin face

We also quite like the blueberry cupcake sculpture in the background too.

She's right talented, that Rosie.

he's snow grouch

Siobhan's friend, Rose, sent us this photo of the snowman her dad built the other week


Actually, to be precise, his creation is in fact a snow representation of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street


And if we're going to be incredibly precise, then you should know that Rose's dad is a semi retired nuclear medical physicist and the ski suit is essential to his creative process.


This is Jake and Heidi.


Just like Amy, they decided to have a go at the activity on the back of one of our kids' smoothies and made some smart maracas out of their empty wedges.


Shake it

Very generously, they then took their maracas along to a wedding where Designer Kat was bridesmaid and presented her with them to shake on the way down the aisle.

If you've made any of the ideas off our kids' smoothies or have any ideas what our bottles, pots and cartons can be used for once you've finished with them, then please email your suggestions/pictures to

If they end up on pack, then we'll send you a case of smoothies to say thanks.