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an ailing beast that's stood the test of time well

As many of you will have seen if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook (which you can do here and here at the click of a mouse) Mr Mike Kus recently did a nice job of re-aligning the innocent website along with a rather excellent time-lapse video of the entire process, we love a bit of time lapse and we love the fact Mike chose us as a case study.

magnets and football tricks

If you're anything like us, you can't help but be soft when it comes to kids.

Especially when this turns up in your inbox.

Meet Scott - an avid collector of magnets, and a rather trendy one at that.

When his Mum's preparing his tea, Scott enjoys a game of football in the back garden. On this particular ocassion he'd been trying to perfect his toe bounce around the world, so when his Mum called him in for dinner, Scott was feeling a little tired to say the least.


So a very big thank you to Scott for making our day with his photos and impressive array of magnets.

evil banana

Evil banana
Thomas sent us a picture of an evil banana on Twitter. To date, it is the only picture of an evil banana we've ever been sent. Thomas, this makes you an evil banana sending trailblazer. Nice work.

fudge in the post

It's nice when someone sends you something special out of the blue.

It happened to us last week, when eight year old Charlie and his Mum sent us a card and some homemade fudge, to say thank you for some magnets we'd sent them.

The fudge went down a treat (so much so that the first batch was actually stolen from the communal fridge). Charlie's Mum was kind enough to send us another batch though, and even included a new peanut butter version that we hadn't seen before. All's well that ends well in the world of posted fudge.