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poor old Queens Park Rangers

The hallowed ground of Loftus Road used to be a 5 minute walk from the old Fruit Towers, so we have a bit of a soft spot for The Super Hoops.

This season has been a tricky one for them, and just when things were looking up this weekend, they were denied a super-header, gave away a goal and left three valuable points in Bolton. 

But chins up lads, we believe in you. If you ever fancy a smoothie, a chat or some tactical advice, we're still only up the road

Poor old Clint Hill

Thank you to The Guardian for the picture.

awesome Friday #1

We thought it would be nice to round off each week with some awesomeness. Something you can share with your friends or talk about over lunch or even better in the pub after work, maybe mention it to that stranger you are stood next to on the tube or whilst waiting for the number 36 bus to New Cross. Hopefully you'll be left thinking "that was awesome" well at least we hope you will...

a jaunt through the city

On Monday morning, Ben H and I ran to work.

10 kilometres to be precise.

We started at St. Paul's. We gave the Queen a wave at Buckingham Palace. We blazed along with the wind in our hair and nothing to stop us - aside from 200 traffic lights, London's entire workforce on foot, and a scenic loo break two thirds in when Ben got caught short.


Our one man technological guru, Kamal, accompanied us by bike to record the whole thing and update the whole office live as it happened.

Why did we do this?

We did it because 10km is the distance that people in the village of Ajiek in Sudan used to have to walk, every day, to get to a borehole for the water that they needed to live. And whilst we chugged along the Strand, struggling with the weight of the Oyster cards in our pockets (unused, might it be noted), these formidable ladies used to carry up to 21 litres of water for the 10km walk back.

For those who aren't sure how heavy 21 litres is, here's a pictorial representation:

10 07 26 the race start

Ben and I ran in to celebrate the fact that this is no longer the case for these ladies.

Working alongside an incredible NGO called FARM Africa, our innocent foundation has funded the development of a borehole in the village.

This means these women now have an extra 6 hours every day to sell their crops and generate a secure income for their families.

Their children no longer have to stay at home alone waiting for food to be cooked on Mum's return, and they are now able to wash more than once every 10 days because there is sufficient water to do so.

In simple maths, water = the ability to make life changing choices.

Here's the little video that Kamal made about our adventure:

A massive thank you to FARM Africa.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have bought our bottles, cartons, pots and wedges over the years.

In doing so, you've been a part of changing people's lives.

corned beef & smoothies

We were very amused to find a reference to our smoothies in The Guardian's over by over report of the England v Bangladesh cricket match on Saturday.


It seems the reporter popped out for some corned beef, as you do in the middle of a test match, and came back with a smoothie.


No such joy in their live coverage of that football game though.