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our friends in finland

Our friends at Helsinki Foodstock Oy now have their very own innocent grassy area in their office.


As well as the easy chairs, daisies and top of the range Scandinavian furniture, they also have their own bananaphone.

You can call it anytime you like on +358 20 771 6565, to find out what the Finnish for boysenberry is or just to get the insider info as to whether there really are hippos living in them there Finnish forests.

(Posted by Mike)

now available in finland

Last month we started working with a company called Helsinki Foodstock Oy, who are helping us sell our smoothies in Finland. Here they are, looking fine and Finnish...


Things have started really well and you can find our drinks across Finland in Wayne's Coffee, Stockmann Food Hall, at the airport and in some very nice cafes throughout Helsinki.

Picture 010
Sami, co-founder of Foodstock, in a Wayne's Coffee shop

Getting around has been a bit tricky though. Even with snow chains attached to her tyres, our grassy van is no match for a filthy Finnish winter.

Snow van

And some of our Finnish friends have been taking our drinks for a swim in the icy sea, for no apparent good reason.

Ice swim

To help us understand things better, and to share a bit of Finnishness with us, the Foodstock folks sent us over an ice hockey tabletop game. We played hard...


And then we had a fight, which we understand is how things are done, ice hockey style. We are slowly learning the ways of the Finn.


necking it in norway

Oslo, Norway.

The time is 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm on a short break away from Fruit Towers visiting friends.


It's a lot colder than it looks and approaching one of the many 7-Eleven's in the city, I am met with the unexpected sight of a particularly jovial Viking gathering.


Strangely enough, however, everybody has innocent smoothies in their hands. I wasn't expecting this. But perhaps I should have.

innocent launched in Norway just a few weeks ago and it seems our Nordic friends are very excited about it.

A speed drinking competition was quickly organised by a couple of roaming radio hosts.



Get set...drink




Nearly there...


This nice chap proved to be very talented at drinking very quickly.


From my limited grasp of the Norwegian language, the post-victory interview involved our shaded hero explaining how he had been training hard for the event.

innocent has well and truly landed in Norway, the Nordic folk have been waiting and they are taking their drinking very seriously indeed.

innocent hell's angels

Whilst recently driving one of our grassy vans through the streets of Gothenburg, our Daniel was pursued by a long haired chap on a motorbike, who then pulled over and started taking photos of the van.


Turns out Micke (pictured above) isn't actually an avid grassy van spotter but is president of the recently formed Innocent Motorcycle Club, who happen to be based in Gothenburg.


There are over 52 motorcycle clubs in the Gothenburg area and they all meet up regularly to cruise the Swedish streets, clad in the latest in leather leisurewear.

Back in Stockholm however, nobody in the office believed that Daniel had really met a group of Hell's Angels called Innocent.

And over at Innocent MC HQ, Micke also had trouble convincing his fellow bikers that there was a smoothie of the same name.

So here's proof that both do in fact exist.


Leather and smoothies, together at last.

You read it here first, people.

grassy flagship store

Tanja and Emilie from our Danish office spent a day last week, helping to grass up what has been dubbed our 'flagship' store in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen's famous amusement park.


By covering the shop in grass and daisies, visitors should now be able find their way to nice healthy salads, sandwiches and smoothies much more easily than to popcorn and candyfloss.


Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and is apparently one of the world's oldest amusement parks. As well as a big posh gate and lots of beautiful gardens, Tivoli also houses the world's tallest carousel, something called The Demon and a wooden rollercoaster.


Just incase the prospect of a grass covered kiosk wasn't enticement enough for you.