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Auntie Mabel

This week Flora (aged 3) and her Dad (aged 35) decided to take a creative approach to their post-Christmas mountain of recycling by turning one of their empty smoothie bottles into a new family member. 


They call her Auntie Mabel, and she comes complete with a furry hat, a handbag, and a rather fine pair of nostrils. Well done for thinking outside the box, you two – all she needs now is a pince-nez and a string of pearls and she'll be ready to attend the matinée.

DIY Christmas

Walk into any supermarket today and you will be momentarily blinded by walls of baubles and tinsel. You might find that the lure of the glittery pink reindeer is too strong and it makes it into your basket. That's fine - it'll look lovely with that alternative nativity scene starring the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys. But how about also having a go at recycling some of the things you've got lying around the house and putting your own stamp on Christmas? The infographic below from Anglian Home gives you a few ideas to get started.


If you can't get the PVA and glitter out at Christmas, when can you?

juicy sweetcorn

We love seeing some of the weird and wonderful ways you lot recycle our packaging, so when this picture popped up on our Twitter feed of our empty juice carafe's being used as mini greenhouses for Poppy's sweetcorn plants it made our day 89% better. 


Thanks, Poppy - may your corn by sweet and forever golden.

Feast with Foodcycle

An estimated 400,000 tonnes of surplus food is thrown away by shops every year. That’s the same weight as 4,000 blue whales. And blue whales are huge (their tongues alone are heavier than elephants).

FoodCycle is a great charity that uses the food rejected by supermarkets to feed people at risk of food poverty and social isolation. In 15 locations across England, and with an army of over 1000 volunteers (click here to get stuck in), they cook delicious food for people who really need it, serving up an astonishing 67,000 meals since 2009. 

“In this day and age throwing food away is madness, especially when some don't have enough to eat and we have the means and technology to recycle and put leftovers to good use,” says Giorgio Locatelli, who's been involved with FoodCycle since visiting one of their kitchens early in 2012. 

This month, FoodCycle are throwing a posh Mardi Gras Feast, offering a fancy 7 course meal cooked by Michelin starred chefs, including Signor Locatelli himself, to celebrate what can be done with surplus food destined for the bin. It promises to be an evening of fun, good music, and glorious food, all for a great cause. All funds raised by the feast will help FoodCycle continue to save perfectly good food from the bin and serve delicious meals to vulnerable people. 

The Mardi Gras Feast will be held at Battersea Arts Centre in London, on Thursday 27th February 2014. 

To buy a ticket, contact Kim Jones on 020 7729 2775 or 

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