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some life advice for you

We can't claim to know a lot of things, but of this we're sure:

Do not play hide and seek with a cat.

You have no idea what you're up against.

our lego wall

On the third floor of Fruit Towers, we once had a very dull wall in need of more than just a lick of paint. So behold - our lego wall.

lego wall

It took 2 days, 77 baseplates (2 were binned), a 5 minute queue outside Homebase until it opened and 6 litres of very stinky adhesive to put it all together. We feared no one would do any real work once we had it but its okay - after about 10 minutes, your thumbs get sore from pushing lego into the wall so you stop playing. 

Sam did a bit of maths and worked out there are about 160,000 teeny tiny lego studs on the wall.

Here are some photos of how it was built and some army men.

lego wall

ani-merge-imals (or something)

Have you ever wondered what a photo of a penguin merged with a whale would look like?

Nah, us neither.

Norewegian student Arne Fredriksen obviously has though, after discovering that combining photos of his favourite animals was a good way of relaxing in between his chemical engineering exams. Sitting around eating a lot of biscuits works pretty well too, but each to their own.

Check out more of them here:

When Plato wrote that necessity is the mother of invention

He was almost certainly talking about this.

The world has been crying out for pears in the shape of Buddha for quite some time now, and finally somebody has made it a reality.

Grown in little snap-on plastic moulds, Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang spotted a gap in the potentially sacrilegious fruit market and is selling his enlightened offerings for 50 yuan (£5.35). We're not sure what eating Buddha will do for your karma in the long run, though. Maybe something to meditate on before tucking in.