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Mr and Mrs Crow


Mr and Mrs Crow are about to be parents. They're nervously waiting for three brand new baby birds to hatch from the eggs Mrs Crow laid a few weeks before. While they wait, they are handed an innocent smoothie. They love it, because "birds love innocent, and so does everyone". This is the new advert idea that Samuel Wiffin pitched to us in the form of an amazing illustration this week. 

Move aside Badrul – it's Mr and Mrs Crow's time to shine.

British summer bingo

It's April. The sun is out. It's pretty hot. This is the happiest the British public have been since Wispa's made a comeback. If you've been out and about in the last few days you're almost guaranteed to have experienced at least one of the following:


Extra points for sighting one of the lesser-spotted British summer scenes such as a young boy vaulting his garden gate to get to the ice cream van, a group of smartly dressed young professionals drunk on a canal boat or someone who's fallen asleep in the sun under a tree and developed a very unusual sun burn pattern.


Have you ever looked at a piece of toast and seen the face of Noel Edmonds? Or, halfway through eating a blueberry muffin, realised it was a dead ringer for your pet chihuahua? If you have, you're not alone – seeing faces where they shouldn't be is called pareidolia and it's surprisingly common. 

This week, Chantal and Chio thought they spotted the Mona Lisa in one of our smoothies and, we have to say, it is uncanny. 


Guys – get it up on ebay, sharpish.

The lost hour

The clocks are up to their old tricks again – we’ve only gone and lost an hour this weekend (and, no, it’s not down the back of the sofa). Here’s a few things you could’ve done with it:

1.       Read the Hungry Caterpillar 28 times.

2.       Read one page of ‘A Brief History of Time’.

3.       Taken off a pair of wellies/Doc Marten boots.

4.       Listened to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ 7.5 times.

5.       Watched 8.824% of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions).

6.       Completed a One Direction wordsearch (don’t bother looking for Zayn).

7.       Watched one episode of Downton Abbey with the ads. Or five episodes of Downton Abbey without the ads.

8.      Had a go at saying this poem all the way through.

9.      Gone for a run. Or thought about going for a run and then talked yourself out of it.

10.   Cooked four of Jamie Oliver’s fifteen minute meals.

11.   Successfully moved a picture on Microsoft Word.

12.   Booted up the computer you had in 2005.

13.   Sat on a park bench for exactly an hour.

14.   Watched a football match after turning up half an hour late because you had some errands to run.

15.    Completed an intermediate sudoku.

Although they are stealing an hour from you, it's probably best if you do change your clocks so give it a go using our handy guide below:

10 things you should definitely give up for Lent

Social media, chocolate and swearing. Sounds like a great night in to us, but these were actually the most common things that people gave up for Lent last year. If you are one of the many people who has pledged to cease the tweets, swear off the profiteroles or swear off swearing altogether then very good luck to you (we'll try not to scroll through Facebook while eating a Crunchie and cursing profusely if you're in the vicinity). However, if you'd like to try ditching something that will be really difficult, then try giving up one of the following:

  1. Using emojis and/or sarcasm to avoid talking about your feelings.
  2. Lying on your C.V. Has 'The Apprentice' taught us nothing?
  3. Cleaning your computer screen. You know that dust will be back tomorrow. And it will be worse.
  4. Putting clothes on animals. They don't like it. 
  5. Talking about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' to your work colleagues. Bit awkward.
  6. Using Comic Sans. Even if you're a teacher. No excuse.
  7. Pronouncing Dubai 'Doo-bye'. It's Doo-bay.
  8. Forgetting about the moon. It hasn't been in the news lately but it's still up there.
  9. Forgetting to water your plants
  10. White bread. Filthy habit.

We've actually given up pictures and video for Lent this year so our words are going to do all the talking. Phlanx. There's an unusual word for you. Not even sure it's a real one, actually. Hmm. How long is Lent again?