Daily Thoughts

less waste in the world

Like most people, we don’t like to waste stuff. Whether we’re whipping up something fancy out of our Sunday roast leftovers or folding our wrapping paper instead of scrunching it, we’re big fans of never chucking things away without making the most of them.

When it comes to our drinks, we’re just as keen to make sure that any excess doesn’t go to waste. To help deliver any leftover juice and smoothies to people who really need them, we started working with a charity called FareShare when we started the business back in 1999. FareShare save good food and drink destined for waste and send it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people across the UK.

We deliver our drinks to sixteen of FareShare’s Regional Centres located across the UK so that they can be distributed to vulnerable people from Bristol all the way up to Edinburgh. The extra drinks directly benefit 2,233 charities and community groups, 24% of which are serving children, 18% serving people experiencing homelessness and 7% serving older people at centres such as lunch clubs.

We’re chuffed to say that we’ve just a hit a milestone with FareShare and have now provided over a million portions of fruit to people who need it.

We’re really proud of everything we’ve achieved with FareShare, and are excited to see how many more drinks we can send their way next year. Now, excuse us while we rip the sellotape off this wrapping paper really carefully. 


At lunchtime, on the way to the supermarket, having walked the ‘secret’ route under the bridge and along the canal, we spotted these pigeons. Loads of them. This picture doesn’t do it justice. They were everywhere

We can’t help but wonder what they were queuing for. Were they waiting for their own lunch? Or concert tickets? Were they queuing for a famous pigeon celebrity who was doing a book signing?

We’ll probably never know but, just in case, we’ll keep an eye on them.

a bonfire night reminder

It makes complete sense to celebrate the thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot by gathering outside in the freezing cold, watching bright explosions in the sky and setting fire to a big pile of leaves. We’re fairly sure that this is exactly what Guy Fawkes had in mind as he guarded the gunpowder filled basements of Parliament.

One of the dangers of Bonfire Night is that hedgehogs really, really like big piles of leaves. They often crawl into bonfires well before they’re lit, only to find themselves in trouble when the night comes.

So before lighting yours, lift the whole bonfire up with a broom handle and shine a torch underneath. The hedgehogs will be startled and rush back to the hedges where they belong. And you can spend a lovely guilt-free evening with your family letting off worryingly large fireworks in your back garden without any health and safety training.

And if you want to know more about how to save hedgehogs, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have loads more ways to get involved.