Daily Thoughts

our academy


There are quite a few of us working at innocent these days. So we thought it was about time we started an innocent academy, to share all of the knowledge that's sitting in our brains. Everyone gets to go on the academy - you spend a couple of peaceful days in the countryside, learning from other innocent people and having a bit of a laugh.

I teach the Presentation Skills bit, or How To Stand Up And Talk In Front Of Other People Without Getting Frightened. It's good because everyone has to get up in front of the others and do a mini-presentation, without the aid of filthy old Powerpoint. Steve won the Best Idea award - he did his talk on 'the sky'. It consisted of us standing outside, gazing up at the sky in complete silence. He didn't say a thing. That was his presentation. It was either very deep or a great way of winging it.

NB if you're looking for a guide to giving good presentations, this says it better than I ever could.

en paris


We started selling drinks a while ago in France. There have been a couple of false dawns but this time round everything is going really well. We have an amazing bunch of people running innocent in Paris. They're really busting a gut. The latest example of their fine work is the stuff they've done in Monop', which is your archetypal 21st century metropolitan mini-supermarket, in a very French shade of bright pink. We've kind of taken over, grassing up the whole place and putting up our pictures inside the weird little picnic booths (see below). It looks great.


we need a special place

We need somewhere. We need somewhere to share our thoughts and to give other people a chance to comment on what we're doing. We need somewhere to post our pictures and tell our stories. We need somewhere to let off steam. We hear that there are these amazing things called blogs that help you do all of this. So we guess we need to start one.