Daily Thoughts

lovely plums


We know a fair bit about fruit and so does the man down at Shepherds Bush market. His soft fruit is really hitting the spot at the moment. Buy now to avoid disappointment.

time for bingo

We've made a bingo card for summer. It's pretty smart - it's full of nice pictures of stuff you should do while the sun is shining. The idea is that you print it out, stick it up and then tick off all of the things that you get up to.

Let us know if you manage to tick everything off.

You can download it here.

rooney injury - latest


Olly sent us this picture from the England training camp in Baden Baden. It seems that Wayne Rooney is using a couple of Elastoplast to help speed his recovery.

hot hot hot


Wow. That was one hot weekend. Who knows when we'll get another one like that? Anyway, back to work...

(Above, from left to right - 100% Aberdeen Angus beefburgers; lamb and mint burgers; posh pancetta sausages; premium chipolatas from Stinson's butcher's just down the road. Not pictured - marinated chicken kebabs. And some salad.)

disney goes fruit

Is it a good thing that Disney is going to brand fruit? Is it good that more kids will eat fruit because they'll get a free Goofy sticker to stick in their sticker books? Or will they just nick the stickers and not bother with the fruit? I can't quite decide. More here.