Daily Thoughts

our little road

Here's something we like. Our Little Road is a website that was set up by a 12 year old called Jake. He felt that his neighbours didn't talk to each other that much, and wanted to find a way for them to get to meet and help each other a bit more.

Nice work Jake.

the golden rule of advertising


We had a meeting this morning about making a new advert for the telly. Very exciting. Note the biscuits on the table - all good advert meetings need biscuits.

a whole load of apples



This lunchtime's mission was to pack lots of apples into little cardboard boxes, then get them sent out to people all over the place. These apples-in-a-box are invitations to Fruitstock - we all sat together, packed up a few thousand of them and put some pretty little tags on the apples with all of the invite details. Of course, putting apples into boxes is hungry work, so there was some pizza in the garden for the weary troops afterwards. And some apples.


bad samba


After work yesterday, some of us got together for drum club. The idea is that we learn a tune on the samba drums then play it on stage at fruitstock. It was only our second practice and while we're doing OK at connecting stick with drum and making lots of noise, we're still not too hot at banging in time with each other. Our instructor, Barak, is pretty patient, but I don't think this is going to be the easiest gig he's ever had.