Daily Thoughts

our peter


Peter Kay was across the road doing a voiceover yesterday. Afterwards he knocked on our door and borrowed some drinks while people took turns to get their pictures taken with him. What a nice man.

the main thing

A friend of mine is a journalist and was telling me that at the recent O2 Wireless music festival (I think it was in London), the one thing that didn't work was the wireless internet connection backstage. So all of the journalists and photographers had a bit of a tough time filing their copy and sending their pictures.

So I guess the lesson is that if you're spending all of that money telling people about your company's core thingummybob ("hey, we're wireless") then it probably pays to take care of the wireless bit before the pop music. Keep the main thing the main thing, as a wise man once said.

Making great tasting drinks is our main thing, just in case you were wondering.

Now that's what I call a good idea - vol I

Went to a party the other day run by an eco warrior friend who lives in the woods near Bath. At the party she played a film about Peace One Day, which got me all misty eyed. Basically, it's a movement, headed up by a man called Jeremy, to organise a day of peace across the world. It all sounds a bit Miss World until you learn that Jeremy actually got a UN resolution passed (accepted by every single member of the UN) to recognise September 21st as an international day of peace, and a commitment from all countries to facilitate a cease fire for the day in all war zones, thereby allowing charities and relief suppliers in as well as a time for all to reflect on the craziness of war. I'm not doing the idea justice here, but if you check out then you can read all about it. Most importantly, in his quest Jeremy got to meet Angelina Jolie, which, as we all know, is every man's second wish after achieving world peace, so he's doing pretty well.

blueberry fields


You learn something every day. Today I discovered that the blueberries in our smoothies are wild blueberries, picked from the forest floor in Poland. Here's another picture of their forest:


What a nice place to grow.



Turophiles = lovers of cheese, derived from 'tyro', which is greek for cheese, don't you know. Yesterday was the monthly meeting of cheese club here at Fruit Towers. Each month we choose a theme (past favourite - cheeses with funny coatings). After a round of tasting, we vote for our favourite, which gets shortlisted into the annual cheese-off in December. Yesterday's theme was Italian cheeses and we tried Bel Paese (rather like Dairylea), Taleggio, Torta Gorgonzola, Fontina, Pecorino Rosso and Dolcelatte. Taleggio won.