Daily Thoughts

Now that's what I call a good idea vol II

A little bit of Thailand comes to Brighton, with the advent of the UK's first tuctuc service Worth checking out if you're ever popping down to London-on-Sea to show off your knobbly knees. I like the fact they run on compressed natural gas (almost emission free) and they've made their filling station open to anyone who wants to buy this sort of fuel. Hopefully another little step in the right direction for our favourite little planet.

how to make an innocent smoothie


We made this new advert in double quick time. It's 'how to make an innocent smoothie'. Quite hard to show in 30 seconds but we thought we would have a go. Watch it here.

Anyway, it would be great if you told us what you thought of it - post a comment if you have a moment. We're sure there are some clever ad analysing types out there who can point out what we could have done better.

One more thing - the website has been smartened up a bit. Go and have a look if you have another moment. Thanks.

the magic of ebay

I didn't know that ebay did this, but I guess lots of you might. Anyway, there's no harm in sharing. We got an email yesterday saying that someone has put a mobile phone up for auction and has chosen to donate 10% of the auction proceeds to the innocent foundation (our charity).

What a great thing. What a great person. Apparently it's all very easy - you just select the option to give a bit (or all) of the auction proceeds when entering details of your item. And there's a third party company called Missionfish who make it all possible.

Thank you ebay. Thank you Missionfish. And especially well done anonymous ebay seller.



There is a lot of love for Ade from Howies at Fruit Towers. The girls are building a little shrine to him - I think he's been helping them out massively with a big new order of t-shirts for Fruitstock. Watch out Mrs Ade.