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bukka bukka boon

We know we're not going to win it - we never do. We've come to accept that. But every time it comes around we can't help but dream that maybe, just maybe, this year will be our year. Of course, no sooner have we pictured the trophy being lifted than it inevitably all goes wrong and we crash out in embarrassment. But, enough about the world cup, it was Eurovision on Saturday, and this is one competition where the UK are HOT FAVOURITES. Eurovision odds: Cyprus 2/1, Israel 6/1, UK, 300/1. We're miles ahead

The first thing to be aware of is that Australia were, once again, back in the competition. If you’re raising an eyebrow or a 'tiny, hairy, forehead boomerang' as they call them, fear not - this map should clear everything up.

A map of Europe, with Australia in it's rightful place - West of Spain


You might think that us tweeting along with the shenanigans was just a not-so-subtle hint that we want to be on the next series of Gogglebox, but it was in fact a very clever marketing strategy.

Eurovision drinking game: Buy a Smoothie, Drink it. That's the marketing out the way nice and early


Ukraine got the night started. We’ve always had a soft spot for them, because their name combines our country with our weather.

The Ukrainian entry looked like Dracula on a sunbed


It was a sell out crowd – the Lithuanian entry couldn’t even find a seat.

Lithuania's entry, sat on the floor


Eurovisions of the past have traditionally been drab, grey affairs. Stiff upper lip and all that. Thankfully, Estonia didn’t get the memo.

Estonia's entry was 95% an advert for the dress projection industry


It reminded us of something, we just couldn’t quite put our finger on it.

It looked an awful lot like Frozen. Let it go, let it goooo


Norway’s entry provided a good excuse for us to crack out the Scandinavia puns.

This song is great but there's Norway of knowing if it's good enough to win

We’re Finnished now.

The UK’s entry, SuRie, was disrupted by a stage invader snatching the microphone out of her hand. SuRie handled it brilliantly though, and still belted out the final chorus. As she left the stage to thunderous applause, we were overcome with a strange, new feeling, that we’ve never experienced when watching the UK entry before. Was it? No, it couldn’t be, could it? IT WAS. It was pride.

SuRie? SuPer.


Another Brit to give a good account of himself was everyone’s favourite Glaswegian.

Serbia's recorder player looked just like Billy Connolly


If there was one person from the night who we want to become a household name, then it was the Albanian entry.

Eugent Bushpepa of Albania


It was a very educational night. Not only did we learn Australia was in Southern Europe, we also found out that Jared Leto was Danish.

Denmark's entry looked like Jared Leto. They also looked like Game of Thrones Wildlings singing a Disney song.


Along came Australia, and not a didgeridoo in sight.

The Australian entry, upside down. Because Australia.


It was about 10pm by this point, so goodness only knows what time it was in Australia.

We don't know how these time zone things work, but we hope you Australian's are having a terrific Wednesday.


We were bowled over by Moldova

The Moldovan entry had legs. Everywhere.


Israel’s entry was just your bog standard, run-of-the-mill, nothing-to-see-here, fusion of chicken noises, waving cats and Pokemon references.

Israel's lyric: I'm taking my pikachu home


With songwriting like this, it was no surprise to anyone when they went home with the prize.

Israel's lyric: Bukka bukka boon bukka bukka lie


What a night. It really did have it all, from Ukrainian piano-bed-coffins to Moldovan vertical walking. Now, there's just one thing left to do - take our Pikachu home.

You were the best as always, Eurovision. See you next year.

sustainability a-z part 2

Nature loves changing. The humble caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. A tiny acorn turns into a gigantic oak tree. And then there's the weather...

March - SNOW April - SUMMER A confused nation walks around in it's big coat and flip flops

Inspired by nature (and the clever lot at Do Nation) we've been thinking of some changes we could make to help look after it. We shared a few of them last month, and then left you on the edge of your seats, wondering just what might come after H. The wait is finally over, and it turns out it's I.


insulate to accumulate

Your loft is the biggest culprit for poor insulation. Lagging your loft properly means your house can do a better job of staying warm in winter and cool in summer and not leak extra heat into the atmosphere.


tweet your heroes

Recently we spent the morning handing out bottles of juice at Paddington Station.

We tweeted:

We were just wondering if our orange juice would go down well with a certain marmalade-loving someone when who should tweet us but the bear himself?

  Paddington bear (the paddington bear) tweeted us:

It’s not every day you get a tweet from someone with a train station named after them. Cue extreme giddiness and a good stiff walk to calm our nerves.

We said to padddington

We hired fourteen proof-readers to check that for spelling misteakes.

Paddington said

Fourteen proof-readers suddenly had their job roles changed to marmalade-stirrers-in-chief.

After a very stressful brainstorm about what to say back, we came up with

"Sure it's not spelt Peroo?" "Who said you could stop stirring?"

Paddington, bless his socks, said

They say never meet your heroes. We say don't tell us what to do.

different drinks, different limes

As anyone who’s ever drunk a mojito or dipped a Dorito in homemade guacamole knows, fresh lime juice can be a game changer. A couple of months back, Easton and Fernando from our Fruit Team travelled over to Mexico & Honduras in search of the best tasting limes for our drinks. We use limes to add a fresh, tasty citrus kick to quite a few of our recipes (11 to be exact).

We only source our limes from three different farms. At one of those farms, the limes are hand washed which means it takes about twelve days to produce one container of lime juice.


Limes from Honduras have a very different flavour to limes from Mexico. Limes from Honduras are sharp and sour, whereas limes from Mexico are less intense and easier to drink. Both have their time to shine when it comes to adding a kick to our drinks, though.


There are only two varieties of lime– Persian limes and Key limes. We only source Persian limes as they taste much better in our drinks. Key limes are more bitter. Sub-lime in pies, though. We’ll give them that.

sustainability a-z, part 1

The Earth is pretty great. That lovely sunset you posted on Instagram? That was The Earth, #NoFilter. Those ducklings you spotted, waddling along like fluffy little lemons? The Earth again. Mashed potato? That was The Earth, with a bit of help from your mashing muscles.

With so much wonder in the world, it's important we all look after it. We've signed up with Do Nation, to make pledges to help us live our lives on the green side. Inspired by this, we've made an a-z of little changes that add up to make a big difference. 

ants in your pants

Doing a bit of exercise is a great way to be more sustainable. Instead of driving you could walk, cycle, or invest in a fancy pair of rollers blades. Good for you, good for the planet.

boil under

Kettles are pretty inefficient. Cutting down the number of times you boil yours a day will reduce your energy consumption and give you an excuse to pull out the teapot more often.