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no massages today

Every few weeks someone comes in and gives us a quick neck rub here in the office. But this week there will be no massages, as announced in this email from Mills, sent round the whole office:

"If you were due to have a massage today they have been cancelled as the lady who was coming in to treat us has put her back out."

You've got to laugh (whilst obviously wishing the masseuse a speedy recovery).

free lunch thursday


Every Thursday we have a free lunch. I haven't quite worked out why, but people like bringing in their wares and letting us have a taste. Today's lunch was the best so far - some people called Jollof Pot who specialise in proper Ghanaian grub. Super fresh and tasty.


Another good thing was that they brought along some dishes made from dried cassava starch for us to eat from. Very sustainable.

Beano took a bite out of one and said that it reminded him of a stale Wotsit. But then you're not supposed to eat them.


unit 6 here we come


Our first proper office was big enough for three people and a sink, so we could wash the mugs. When we moved downstairs into an office with a proper front door and room for six people, it felt pretty special.

We haven't really stopped growing since then. As a result, Fruit Towers in London is pretty much rammed these days. Luckily, we've just got the keys to next door (unit 6) so in a few weeks we'll be occupying units 3, 4, 5 and 6. We'll be up to about 100 people in London by then (another 30 or so in Manchester, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen) so we're looking forward to stretching out a bit.

rolls of astroturf, ready to be laid in the new office