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just down the road...

environmental crime scene photo

Something really rather terrible's happened. We couldn't get much information from the police, but from what we could gather this oak veneer bookcase wasn't happy about being replaced by a solid pine number and things got ugly. There were splintered shelves and Mills and Boon books all over the shop. A very sad scene.

just up the road...

Just up the road from Fruit Towers is one of the saddest looking window displays we've ever seen. Simply filled with green balloons in various states of deflation this shop is crying out for some love. 


To counter this sad retail display someone decided to lift local spirits and build a block of golden flats.  

golden flats

More photos from around Fruit Towers coming soon.

it's recycle week

recycle week 18-24 june

It's recycle week and this time the focus is on plastic bottles, which makes a lot of sense given that we get through 15 million of the things every single day in the UK. And what with Euro 2012 and the Olympics and lots of other occasions to be merry on the horizon, it's likely we'll get through a lot more. recycle week poster
Ninety percent of councils will recycle plastic bottles nowadays, either via kerbside collection or through recycle banks. To find out what you can recycle at home, just head over to the recycle now website and use their handy postcode checker.


Tim wants to get fit for summer so Kirsty challenged him to a plank-off this morning. Kirsty and tim plank-off 1 Kirsty and tim plank-off 3 Kirsty and tim plank-off 2
Give it a try with one of your colleagues today and go home with abs so hard your wife/husband/mum will be able to bounce satsumas off them.