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civilisation is breaking down

We walked into work today to this sign.

This is not good news.

The atmosphere is tense, to say the least. The powers that be are trying to fob us off with nice food instead, no doubt hoping that carbohydrate-heavy breakfast treats combined with a lack of caffeine will make us too lethargic to complain.

Clearly, this is completely unacceptable. And as soon as we finish our third pain au chocolat and have a little nap under our desk, we’re going to go and tell them that.

fundi friday

The guys from Fundi Pizza popped round to Fruit Towers again today to serve us their delicious home made pizzas.

Brothers Charlie and Rory decided to set up shop last October. Charlie came home from a sabbatical in Mozambique with an idea to make their own pizza ovens and travel around selling hearty bread-based products to the hungry masses, and fundi pizza was born.  


So thanks guys – partly for the food, but mostly for standing out in the cold for hours so that we didn't have to walk any further than the car park to get our lunch.

Check them out here:

the mysterious case of the pritt stick on the ceiling

On the first floor of Fruit Towers, there’s a Pritt Stick stuck to the ceiling.

Naturally, this leads to a few questions:

1) How did it get there?

2) Who put it there?

3) Why has nobody removed it?

4) Are Pritt Sticks a more powerful force than gravity?

5) Should we really be getting on with our actual work rather than spending several hours worrying about this?

There’s probably a simple explanation for all of this, but at the moment we’re just a bit stuck*. We’re going to investigate further, but in the meantime keep your eyes glued* to the blog for any breaking news.