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elf and sleighfty

With Christmas around the corner, every workplace needs its very own Santa's Grotto - Fruit Towers' comes complete with two neon reindeer, picket fencing and fairy lights. 

santas grotto


Santa is yet to arrive but in the meantime, Steve has affectionately named it the 'elf and sleighfty cabin' (despite the lack of health and safety material inside it) and it is now everyone's favourite spot for meetings.


Here at Fruit Towers, we've got a big walk-in fridge crammed full of smoothies and juice. Sometimes, people don't leave it in the state it should be left in (tut tut). So, we've had a (not so) high-tech cctv system installed. With the eye of cc-smoo-v casting down on them, hopefully people will now take their rubbish away  and not leave the place in a mess.


And even if it doesn't work, it shows just how much fun you can have with an empty kids' smoothies box and an old loo roll tube. Make your own and stick it over the cupboard if you want to make sure your Christmas chocolates don't all get stolen before the big day.