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spring clean

Spring has officially sprung, so it's time to get out every cleaning implement you own and give the house a proper going over. That means sweeping the cobwebs from the cornices, scrubbing the skirting boards and wiping down the insides of cupboards. We didn't say it was going to be fun.

plaster teeth and a naked cowboy model

Lauren kick started creative corner's spring clean yesterday and uncovered a plaster mould of someone's teeth and a model of a naked cowboy. Hopefully you'll find something a little more useful.

lights out for earth hour

WWF's earth hour is this saturday 31st march at 8.30pm

This Saturday is WWF's Earth Hour, when hundreds of millions of people, businesses and retired wrestlers around the world will be turning off their lights at 8.30pm to show their support for the planet. So whether you fancy a nice moonlit walk, a bit of dancing in the dark or a candlelit meal with friends, just make sure you switch off the lights and any other electrical items you can do without (perhaps not the freezer) at 8.30pm sharp. And hopefully while the lights are off, it will get us all thinking about what we can do beyond the hour to help protect this brilliant world we live in.

Watch the video and find out more.

mystery device

mystery device

We spotted this at the IT help desk the other day and we've got no idea what it's for. 

We think it looks suspiciously like the memory eraser device in Men In Black though, and that the IT team are using it on people who've been exposed to the administrator password because they're worried they might just go off and download the most recent versions of everything without proper authorisation.

the men in black memory erasing device

remember remember...


clock face put your clocks forward tonight before you go to bed. The oven, the microwave, the video recorder, your alarm clock radio - they all need changing to avoid confusion come morning. For tonight is the night that field workers from the Department of Time will be out in their masses, creeping through the darkness and wrestling exactly 60 hard earned minutes from our sleepy grip. Temporary staff have been recruited to help on what is one of the most important nights of the year for the organisation, so let's just hope they've been properly trained or there'll be a big mess to clean up come tomorrow. The Department of Time have assured us that the lost hours, which amount to over 62 million, will be stored securely in their vaults ready for redistribution come October. Sleep tight everyone.