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we love crusts

In the UK we throw away 26,000 slices of bread every single minute. On top of that, we chuck away another 2500 slices worth of the bits that not everyone likes, such as the crusts (or heels, ends or butts as they're called in some parts of the country). It's total madness, and it could be avoided if only we planned what we ate better or made more use of the freezer.

After digging a bit deeper into the problem, we discovered that crusts were getting a raw deal at Fruit Towers too.

Every week, about 60 crusts are left abandoned in the bread bins or on worktops with bits cruelly ripped off them. They're left to go stale and mouldy with noone to care for them, all because we prefer their thinner, better looking friends.

crusts in bread bin crust on a worktop

So then Tim, one of our office angels, is forced to send them to the big compost heap in the sky, which makes him very unhappy indeed.

Tim with bags full of crusts

But it doesn't have to be this way. After all, not eating the crusts is a bit like refusing to talk to someone because they've got three arms. It's just a bit of extra bread and if anything, should be considered a bonus. And as Conor says, they're great with soup.

conor and a crust

Kirsty can't get enough of them either, and here she is demonstrating how to make your crusts toaster-safe by either patting them down for a nice, dense hit of bread, or by carefully slicing a bit off (which makes the perfect snack to eat while you wait for the main event).

kirsty compressing a crust kirsty cutting a bit off a crust

So hopefully, in the coming weeks, we can find a place for crusts in our hearts and on our plates, just like Janel and Jeremy have.

janel looking lovingly at a picture of a crust jeremy with his arm around a crust

the wall of business jargon

We've been writing all the phrases that make a piece of us die inside when we hear them on the wall.

the wall of business jargonAlison M told her husband about the wall the other night, and his contribution made ours seem rather lame:

"If your transitional activities have hit quick sand, take a helicopter view to create a paradigm shift while capitalising on your data, it is only then that you can climb that mountain called success."

Oh to be on that mountain of success. The place where dreams are made.

the truth behind the lie

While you're all recovering from the shock revelation that we're not really making a mangoes and marmite smoothie, we thought it only fair to tell you how the prank came about. After all, as many celebrities and politicians know, a lie isn't a proper lie if you've got an explanation for it.

It all started back in February when we found ourselves watching the Super Bowl and trying to work out what the heck was going on. In a (mostly made-up) tweet about the rules, we said that the marks under the players’ eyes were probably Marmite. The people at Marmite agreed, and a relationship was born. Then our followers suggested we make a Marmite smoothie, and we decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go.

marmite smoothies

We set Fliss from our products team the challenge of adding a dollop of Marmite to one of our classic recipes,  and although she was reluctant at first, her dedication to making great tasting drinks meant that we ended up with something that wasn't completely vile. Most people would agree that it looked better than it tasted though, and for that we have Clare from our design team to thank.

We even got the lads from Sorted Food involved, and they kindly popped in to Fruit Towers and whipped up a mango panna cotta with Marmite tuiles. Yum.

Thanks a lot for being such good sports and allowing us to have a bit of fun. We fooled more of you than we expected, including one of our suppliers who called us to ask for the recipe breakdown so they could enter it into their system, and a lady from Japan who was trying to understand what an earth an April Fool was, and wanted us to send her our new smoothie.

For those of you who are disappointed, feel free to have a go yourself. Just add 7g of marmite to 250ml of our mangoes and passion fruits smoothie, whisk as though your life depended on it, take a sip and enjoy/recoil/spit it out into the sink.

a nice lunch for earth hour

Tomorrow night is WWF's Earth Hour, when hundreds of millions of people from across the globe will be switching their lights off to show their support for the planet.

Today at Fruit Towers we celebrated a little bit early by donning our brightest clothes and having lunch together in the sunshine. It's a hard life.

Charlie, janel and tim wearing bright clothes

Here are Tim, Charlie and Janel looking even better than usual.

Mic and mary from vege7

Are here are the wonderful Mic and Mary from Vege7, who came along and brightened up our lunchtime with their delicious vegetable chilli and a selection of the type of music that commands you to shake your shoulders and wiggle your hips awkwardly.

We particularly liked their cactus sign, which they rustled up especially for the event using a drain pipe they found in a skip.


Mic and Mary have lived in Forest Gate for 27 years, and have recently started selling their tasty grub, which they make with locally sourced ingredients, at a stall at Woodgrange market place every Saturday. Apparently Mary's secret recipe has been going down a storm there, and after their performance today it's easy to see why. Mic and Mary (you have to say their names together), please come again soon.