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hello/bonjour/hola/guten tag/dzien dobry

We checked round the office the other day to find out what languages people can speak. This is all part of the effort of getting ready for the opening of a new office in Copenhagen and perhaps further afield in the not so distant future. This is what the survey said:

  • 7 different mother tongues spoken at innocent
  • 85% of the company has English as a mother tongue
  • the most languages spoken by one person is 8
  • 18 different languages are spoken fluently
  • there are 28 different languages spoken in total, including the language of love, which only two people claim to be able to speak

It should be noted that when the company started, there were only two languages spoken in the office - English and Polish. You only ever heard the latter when Adam was on the phone to his grandma.

on the road


Yup, he's got the look - ice white legs, the classic men's sandal and a beard that says I'm on a three month holiday and no-one's going to stop me. Say hello to Conor, the favourite son of Fruit Towers, who left the company last week to return to his home in Oz, via a three month cycling holiday across Europe. Conor is modelling the latest in urban transport chic, and is outside Grass Towers, our innocent office in Amsterdam, where he called in to stock up on provisions before heading off into the great beyond. Ride safe mon ami, and stay true.

we are 100


We just got a bit bigger. Heather arrived on Monday without quite knowing that she'd be so special, but she's our 100th full time employee. There was a posh lunch out in the garden to celebrate reaching three digits - Rich stood on the table and did a speech, and Heather is at the front wearing a black vest.

con air


It's never great when people leave us. But this particular parting has left us all pretty sad. But happy. I guess we should explain...

Conor is leaving after spending two years with us at Fruit Towers in London. In that time it's no exaggeration to say that he became the beating heart of innocent. He'd be first in every morning to unlock, and would still be around in the evening, beavering away. He's one of the kindest, most helpful, even-tempered people any of us has ever met. His greatest legacy will probably be in the area of sustainability - he did a complete assessment of our company's noxious emissions, and he took some great strides in helping us to cut down on the environmental badness we cause. It's work that will carry on long after he has gone.

The happy bit is that he's gone off to continue his travels. I don't think he expected to stay in London so long, but if ever a man was born to wander around the world whilst thoughtfully stroking his beard, it was...

Conor McKenna - poet, lothario, bearded wonder and all-round good guy. We loved having you here. If you ever come back, you know there's a place for you at Fruit Towers.

our academy


There are quite a few of us working at innocent these days. So we thought it was about time we started an innocent academy, to share all of the knowledge that's sitting in our brains. Everyone gets to go on the academy - you spend a couple of peaceful days in the countryside, learning from other innocent people and having a bit of a laugh.

I teach the Presentation Skills bit, or How To Stand Up And Talk In Front Of Other People Without Getting Frightened. It's good because everyone has to get up in front of the others and do a mini-presentation, without the aid of filthy old Powerpoint. Steve won the Best Idea award - he did his talk on 'the sky'. It consisted of us standing outside, gazing up at the sky in complete silence. He didn't say a thing. That was his presentation. It was either very deep or a great way of winging it.

NB if you're looking for a guide to giving good presentations, this says it better than I ever could.