Thoughts from category: our people

the sun is shining

And everyone in Fruit Towers is in a super smashing mood.

the wall of business jargon

We've taken time out to write all of our favourite business sayings on the wall.

james peach and an arctic roll

And James P and Olly tucked into the first arctic roll of the year - perfect for days when it's too hot for cake but a bit cold for ice cream. Or just for when you'd like both.

staying alive

It's touching to know that the environment team here at Fruit Towers are so concerned for our safety.

Fed up with people poking knives and forks into the toaster to retrieve bits of burnt bread, they left this sinister warning out the other day, accompanied by some new wooden toaster tweezers.

a warning to stop putting knives in the toaster wooden toaster tweezers

a cruel prank

kirsty altering a photo of her brother to make it look like he's got a tattoo

This morning Kirsty, our resident prankster, Photoshopped a tattoo onto a picture of her brother and then sent it to her mum. Not being a huge fan of tattoos, her mum was a little upset at the news and was very relieved (if a bit angry) when she found out it was all just a big joke.

Got a better prank? Let us know and we'll get Kirsty to try it out.