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cake love

Simon came along to our AGM on Saturday, sporting a fetching yellow t shirt and bearing a homemade cake from his wife, Sarah.


Sarah made the cake using our lemon, honey and ginger smoothie. Here she is with a slice of her own handiwork and a rosette which she won for being the 'Best Cake Baker' in her office.


Simon handed over the cake with strict instructions that we share it round everyone on Monday

So here is the evidence of us doing just that.


We'll see if we can get the recipe off Sarah.

For now, thanks to Simon and Sarah for a great bit of cake and for making JT at the back so manically happy.

recipe for love

Last year, we gave you love on a bottle.

Love on a bottle

(and we even tried to do a bit of matchmaking while we were at it).

The year before that, it was the all expenses spared photo love story


So this year to celebrate Valentines Day, we proudly present............the recipe for love.


Oh yes. Who'd have thought it'd be as simple as whacking some vanilla ice cream into a posh sundae glass and drizzling it with our special guest peaches and raspberries recipe?

Yep. Us neither.

So instead of spending all your hard earned cash on red roses, blue violets and foil wrapped chocolate hearts from the petrol station, why not stay in this Sunday and let the melba, moonlit and mood music work their magic.

tried and tested by tineke


Some drinks are so good they don't make you feel thirsty anymore.

Some are so good that they make feel pleasantly satisfied afterwards. And some are so good that they make you change your facebook profile picture in celebration like Tineke (above). As she rightly points out on our facebook page we've made a new smoothie and not really told anyone yet.

It's called cranberries, blueberries & cherries, it's our second ever banana-free smoothie (making it one of our most refreshing yet), and will be working it's way into the shops over the next week or two. Keep an eye out for it, and don't just take our word for it, take Tineke's too. You heard it here first.