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new year, new stuff

A big well done to Louise W, Samantha KF, Kerry D, Tracey T, Flora R, JJ, Laura B, Helen W, David M and Simon W. Late January salvation on its way to you right now.

Resolutions starting to wobble? Biscuit tin serenading you? Need steering back onto the 'new you' track?


We've got 10 'New Year, New You' (TM) packs to give away, packed full of good stuff to help you get back on that straight and slender path including:

  • A boxful of tasty porridge from the nice ladies at Grasshopper (to warm up the chilly mornings and get you through to lunchtime) Porridge ladies
  • An Action Diary and some uplifting pencils to keep you organised and motivated from the folk at We Are What We Do



  • And a handful of veg pot and smoothie vouchers to help you through the perilous waters of snacking and lunchtime occasions.

Add in 52 star jumps and a stir fry for tea and you're sorted.

To bagsy a box, just tell us how the best thing that has happened so far in this shiny new year.

Post your answers below by Tuesday 18th January and make 2011 the year where you eat better, do better and maybe end up looking like Joe.


Oh yes.

Where the great recipes are at


We're pretty sure you liked our peaches and passion fruits recipe last time round, so it’s back by popular demand. Not only is it top of the list of recipes that you ask to be returned, it’s also spreading the word about a brand new campaign, dressed up in a fancy new pack.

The campaign in question is called the Great Recipe Archive. With the help of our friends at We Are What We Do, we’re hunting out lots of proper wholesome recipes – the ones that get passed down through the family. And we thought it would be good if you could find all of these recipes in one place, submitted by people from far and wide. So if you have such a recipe, upload it here for all to see. And check out the site to see what’s up there so far. Every week from November 1st, we'll choose a 'Recipe of the Month' and the recipe author will win a case of smoothies (to be that winner, just get all your friends to vote for your recipe). Get involved here and then get cooking.



We've seen a carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear, a cloud which looked like Great Britain, but never before have we seen a face in a smoothie. Until now.

Sarah got in touch to let us know she was finishing off the last of her strawberries and bananas smoothie, but decided to top it off with some mangoes and passion fruits smoothie and hey presto, the smiling face above appeared. (She's promised us there was no jiggery/technology pokery going on.)

a buzzy saturday afternoon

On Saturday, I went along to Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire to meet our bee competition winner Julian, Tim the beekeeper and Neil the Head Gardener for an afternoon of bees, bees and more bees.

Hanbury 2

Julian, Neil and Tim

We had a tour of the beautiful gardens and grounds from Neil (including the mushroom house) and then Tim gave us an introduction to bee keeping.


Bee lesson


Tim has 8 hives at Hanbury Hall which this year yielded 250 jars of honey. He taught us how to hold a frame, how a hive works and how to mark a queen bee when you spot her.

Bee pens

Then it was on with the bee suits

Bee suit

Bee man

Julian got to wear the suit as paid for by the proceeds of Buy One Get One Bee whilst I had to wear a suit for a 10 year old as there were no adult bee suits left.

Bees knees

Once suited, we then got to inspect the innocent hive and meet some bees.

Bee time


The innocent hive

After meeting the bees and asking more home beekeeping questions, we all got given a jar of Tim's honey

Yummy honey


And then Julian and his wife, Nicky went off for a proper afternoon tea (though sadly the chocolate potato cake had sold out).


We've made a little film of the day (including Tim answering lots of your questions) so watch this space for the official premiere.

For now though, massive thanks to Tim, Neil and the catering staff at Hanbury Hall for such a brilliant afternoon, to Julian and Nicky for being such enthusiastic winners and to my mum for being an excellent camera assistant.

Innocent hive

Here's to Buy One Get One Bee coming back again next year.