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operation doh

If you live in Bristol and haven't made your lunch yet for tomorrow, then get this mission int your diary


The chaps at Thoughtful and howies are putting on a free picnic of a tasty sandwich (from Bristol based Friska cafe) and one of our smoothies to help promote Real Bread Maker Week via the wonder that is Doh Boy.


Doh Boy's mission in life is to campaign for bread to be made without any added fat or any other weird stuff.

You can find out more here or by going along to the picnic.

First 150 people there get free lunch.

So hotfoot it over there for midday tomorrow or you'll just be left with the crumbs.

hats off to the Appleby Litter Pickers

Fuelled by a combination of smoothies and home made flapjacks, these fine chaps have cleared around 9 miles of roads and lanes around their village and the surrounding area.


Back in March they'd collected almost 400 sacks of litter totalling a whopping 5.8 tonnes and are still going strong, determined to make where they live a cleaner, safer place.


They're also pretty good at juggling (apparently it's a requirement for anyone wishing to join in)


We think they deserve medals, pats on the back and never-ending cups of tea all round.

some stuff that has happened in fruit towers recently but might have escaped your attention

1. Scott K's girlfriend, Jen, made Hester's cake using our kiwis, apples and limes smoothie. It went down a treat. In case you weren't sold first time round.


2. IT Samuel (who you may recognise as Sustainable Gorilla or Pink Bishop on a Lunch Break) got his sister to illustrate his most recent cast with some fish. To date, Samuel has broken all his toes, 4 fingers, his coccyx, wrist and his right heel as well as tearing his Achilles tendon, lightly shredding some knee cartilage and putting a gardening fork through his foot (plus the welly he was wearing at the time). He also tore his right bicep, failed to get it repaired and now only has a monocep. So his sister has her work cut out.


3. Postman Pat came to visit

Postman Pat

So now you're up to date.

lemur label winner

A few weeks ago we announced our competition to get your words on our juice labels. All you had to do was provide us with a caption to go under this little guy.

Lemur TO USE cropped

First up, here's a selection of runners-up:

"First to blink loses." by Lilly Potter

"I am so excited right now. Just look at my excited." by Tom

"When I get out of here I'm going to find a nice spot in the country, work the land, and grow old with my wife." by Tom Pryke

"That's it. Keep working that mysterious look. She'll notice yo- yep, she's spotted you, you handsome devil, you" by Hannah bates

"Paul couldn’t hide the fact he thought holding a giant cucumber for the photo shoot was absolutely ridiculous." Dudley.

"One final turn, now hold it, hold it and you've nailed the part, you rascal." by Adam Justice

"Quick, look busy, David Attenborough's coming." by Julie Ramsden

"And by the way, when I said your tail was the longest I've ever seen? I was lying." by Sarah

"Yeah, actually you did wake me up" by Rob Falconer

"You looking at me? YOU LOOKING AT ME?? Ah, wait, that's a mirror." by Amebeecomps

Now, drum-roll please. And the winner is Leyla, with the following:

"Between 10 and 5 they said. It is now 5.30."

Congratulations everyone, we'll be in touch with every runner-up and Leyla to send you each some innocent prizes. Watch this space for our next caption competition.

new year, new toys


Or in this instance, new games. If you need to blow away the January cobwebs and keep your hands out the biscuit tin, employ your brain and fingers by playing our Snack Invaders game. Should keep the garibaldis at bay till at least hometime. Hopefully. Play it now...

Remember to Tweet your high scrores. @innocentdrinks #snackinvaders