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live from the kitchen


You may or may not know this, but we have a big shiny kitchen here at Fruit Towers where we invent recipes, test out new ideas and generally mess about with fruit. Today we were trying out some new stuff that might make it into the shops in 2007. Of course, if it doesn't taste good enough, then it won't.

I'd love to tell you what we were tasting, but I'd probably get sacked or ritually beaten for spilling the beans. So I can't. Suffice to say that there was quite a lot of fruit involved, some of which was yellow and some of which was red.

Pictured from left to right - Brett, Beano, Michelle, Chloe, Melissa

autumn's here

Our seasonal smoothie for autumn has arrived. The recipe is blackcurrants and gooseberries - it's the only smoothie or juice in the world to feature the latter, as far as we know (if you can prove us wrong, we'd love to know who else is squashing gooseberries). Forgive the unglamorous photo - it was snapped quickly before getting out of Fruit Towers for the weekend.


Some of the labels have a special poem on them.



our new arrivals


Our big new cartons for kids arrived today. We've been working on them for quite a while. Very happy to finally see them in the flesh, full of crushed up fruit.


They're my favourite bit of innocent packaging so far. Lots of colour, especially on the side panels, which are full of stuff for small people to do.


And there's a little window on the side as well, so you can see how many portions of fruit you've drunk. We've waited for ages to be able to do the window thing. And now it's done. Double happiness.

What do you think of them?


story box


Today we sent 24 new designs for our big 1 litre cartons to the printers. Here they are stuck on the wall of our library so everyone here can have a read. We refresh all the cartons with new stories about every 3 months. These ones talk about loads of different things from how the company has changed as it's got bigger to why our alphonso mangoes are a bit like Glenn Medeiros.

Next up we're doing new stories for all our little bottles. Kat, our packaging designer, will be setting about 130 different labels which she can do in about 2 days. She's good.

best soft drink in the world ever


Well, not quite. But our mangoes, coconuts and lemongrass smoothie has just won the Best Soft Drink award at the Q Awards (the foodie Oscars). It's the fifth year running that one of our recipes has won, and as you can imagine, we are stoked/chuffed/as happy as Larry.

Nikki invented this recipe (thanks Nikki). It was only on the shelves for a few weeks earlier this year as one of our guest recipes. Guess we'd better think about bringing it back.