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you asked, we listened

Back in April when we launched our first ever banana free recipe - kiwis, apples and limes - we got in touch with everyone who'd ever written, emailed or called to ask us to make a smoothie without bananas and sent them a free voucher to have a bottle on us.


After we'd sent the vouchers out, lots of people then started sending us lovely thank you notes and emails.

'Just a quickie to say thanks for my voucher. I went straight out and bought the banana free smoothie and thinks it's great. So have now sent my hubby out to buy three more cartons...Thanks for listening, Linda x'

'Bin those bananas for good! Even my kid will drink it. We call it 'Kermit-in-a-blender'. Lovely. Thanks, Tracey'

'I am just amazed that mine (and obviously others) emails actually made a difference. Thank you. I can't wait to try it. Kind regards (from a very happy 'Banana Free' customer'), Lizzie W'

'At last - I have been waiting for years, since I asked you to do this and now you've granted me your wish, Many thanks, Sophie R'

'We wanted to say how impressed we were that some real human took the trouble to hand write the card that came with the token. In this world of is really refreshing to find somewhere that still values the personal touch. The Cook Family'

We love to hear what you think. After all, one way conversations are pretty rubbish.

So if you ever have something that you want to tell us about the stuff we make or have suggestions on how we can make it better, you can always let us know on our rate and review system.

As my grandma used to say, shy bairns get nowt.

easy, peasy open squeezie

Occasionally, the tubes for our squeezies prove to be tricksy little things to open. Due to the way the material tears when you open it, small hands have had an irksome time of trying to get into them.


Thanks to some hard work for our Jacqueline and her engineering friends, we're now working to improve this by coming up with opening solutions designed to get you to the puree pronto.

The little diagrams below depict one of the solutions that we've come up with already


For those not pictorially or technically minded, you used to have to tear up or down and sometimes, you couldn’t open the tube at all.

Jacqs et al have now added a channel mechanism (the squiggly bit, picture bottom left) and made the tearing mechanism more S shaped, ensuring you can get into the squeezie.

Obviously it was a lot more technical and complicated to get to this solution than that two line summary indicates.

But you get the drift.

free smoothie today

If you buy this today (Friday 26th June 2009).


Go to this page.


And then follow the message here.


You'll find a free coupon for one our smoothies, valid til Sunday (plus another 50p off voucher valid til next week).

Happy Friday indeed.

making words and pictures

We're working on our next set of labels at the moment.

There's quite a lot of tea, toast and tabloids involved in the creative process (mainly by Ben W) not to mention copious post-it notes, bulldog clips and special pens, but slowly, we're getting there.

Yesterday our labels looked like this.

Creative mess

Today they look like this.


Tomorrow we might start colouring in.

coc up

Cropped cocnut

We have a little apology to make about our new special guest smoothie.

The mangoes are spot on, the lemongrass too, but there's been a small hitch with the coconuts. They snuck past our proofreaders and lost an 'o' from where we can assure you was not a planned spot. This limited edition of this special guest is out there for two weeks only, when we hope that our coconut milk will return to pure innocence.

Chuckle while you can.