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follow the frog

All of the bananas in our smoothies are Rainforest Alliance certified. The Rainforest Alliance is a brilliant organisation that supports the rights and well-being of farm workers, as well as local wildlife and the environment. The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed their certified logo on the back of our smoothie carton packaging:


This week it also happens to be their third annual Follow the Frog week, and they've made this great little video to show you just how easy it is to do your bit. Trust us, it's pretty entertaining and well worth three minutes and ten seconds of your time. 

Oh, and just so you know - that Follow the Frog video was made by a nice chap with lovely silver hair called Max Joseph. As well as being down with the kids by being the co-star of the MTV programme Catfish, Max is also currently doing some filming with us for a new TV advert that's due to hit your screens early in 2014 . It's all very exciting. To follow Max's adventures filiming our advert in London, Peru and Uganda - follow us on Instagram at


recycling our cartons

Plans for a new beverage carton recycling plant in the UK have just been announced, which is great news as it means UK based recycling for all of our cartons.

Our drinks cartons are made from paper with a very thin layer of plastic on either side which makes it waterproof. Up until now cartons that have been collected for recycling have had to be exported to mainland Europe to be recycled, but come next year when the new UK plant is up and running, they'll no longer have so far to travel.

At the moment 89% of UK households can recycle cartons, either through kerbside collection schemes or through a bring-bank system, but hopefully once the new plant is operational that figure will be even higher.

win a month's supply of our new golden smoothie

To celebrate our role as official smoothie of the London 2012 Olympic Games, we’ve created a limited edition golden smoothie and we’re giving you the chance to win a month’s supply.

All you have to do is tell us how you’d celebrate if you won a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Would you drape yourself in a Union Jack, give your Gran a call, slap a kiss on Sue Barker or do something else altogether?

Important stuff:

- Please keep your entries to 50 words of less.

- The competition ends next Friday (22nd June) and is

- only open to residents of the U.K.

- The winner will be drawn from a large gold hat and notified by email.

If terms and conditions are your thing then you can read more about them here.


UPDATE: congratulations to our winner, Fiona. Hope you enjoy going absolutely nuts with your friends, followed by a nice cup of tea. A fine way to celebrate.

important research

Studies have shown that looking at pictures of things we like can double our happiness levels. We very much like looking at pictures of otters, so it's great to know that it's good for us too. Bingo.

otters from our juice label

"God save our graaacious queen..."

You can see more animals from our juice labels on our Olympics page. And if your boss catches you skiving, just tell her it's good for your soul.