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an email from ryan

Ryan sent us an email earlier this week. We like it. A lot. Ryan is a man that knows what he likes.

"im ryan im 5 and i lik yor jooce lodsi luv bananana strorberie and greapesi asked mumee to buy me mor cos i luv them so mutchi just wantd to sey fankyou for macking nise drinks for meeeeeeei dru you a pikture of me and my drink

Here is Ryan's picture.

Ryan and his smoothie
We asked if Ryan would mind us posting his email and picture on our blog and, according to his mum, he was over the moon. 'The world needs to see my beautiful picture,' he said.

an ode to our juice carafe

Our lovely juice carafe's first birthday is coming up, and to celebrate we'd like to dedicate a nice poem to it.

01 family
Not being great poets ourselves (see below if you need further proof), we'd love you to have a go at coming up with a fitting tribute. It needs to start with the line "It’s our juice carafe’s first birthday", and it should follow the rhyming pattern ABABCDCD, so you might want to avoid sticking an orange at the end of a line. A little bit like the one below, but much, much better:

It’s our juice carafe’s first birthday,
And we’re planning a bit of a do,
We’ll probably play some reggae,
And dance a little bit too.
Someone will bake a big cake,
Hopefully with jam and cream,
Then we’ll all be too stuffed to stay awake,
So we’ll fall asleep and dream.

Leave your poem as a comment to this post and the 3 we like most will each win a case of our finest juice. We'll be picking the winners on Thursday February 2nd so get your entries in by the end of the day on Wednesday.

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Lydia, Paulme and Becky. A case of our juice will be on its way to you shortly.

socking news

This poster (currently gracing the back of our big cartons and little bottles) has caused something of a stir in the hosiery community.


We've received an awful lot of calls from sockless folk across the land, claiming this sock as their own and asking if they can please have it back.


It's alarming just how many socks go missing (without the intervention of hungry washing machines or excited dogs) and Sally, Janel, Joe M, Jojo, Rio and Lucy F have been amazing at dealing so wonderfully with these concerned callers.

In order to clear up the mystery and put an end to the pain and cold feet of all involved, if this is indeed your sock and you're aching to reunite the pair, just post us its sad, lonely partner and we'll return them both back to you in a velvet lined box atop a crate of smoothies.

fruity freaks halloween competition

With Halloween just around the corner, we're calling on kids across the land to delve into the darkest hollows of their imaginations (and vegetable drawers) to create their very own fruit and veg monster.

The first 1,000 spooky creations we receive will win a special set of limited edition Halloween number magnets (0-9) all of which glow-in-the-dark (and look spookily good next to our alphabet ones, which are in our kids smoothies right now)

Fancy getting involved?

Here's how to play

1. Cut, carve and create your fruity freak or vegetable monster from the weirdest looking fruit and veg you can find. Artichoke arms, broccoli bodies, celery claws - anything goes. Just make sure you get a grownup to help you with any sharp knives.


2. Give it a ghoulish name, spelling it out with your innocent magnets

3. The post a picture of your scary monster in our Flickr gallery. The first 1000 entries will win a special spooky set of limited edition glow-in-the-dark number magnets


4. And don't forget to clear up the mess - or the ghosts won't be pleased. Why not use the leftover fruit to make a smoothie or whip up the veg bits into a tasty soup?

Find out about our Fruity Freaks competition right here

say hello to granny leanne

Granny Leanne

Leanne is my granny (and a big fan of our drinks). I’m currently living with her while I buy a flat

I’m sure she could teach us a thing or two about living a long and happy life, so I thought I’d share a few things that I've learnt from Granny Leanne:

1) Work hard
Leanne heads off to work every day as a full-time medical secretary (at the age of 78)

2) Play hard
Leanne loves to socialise. She’s an excellent hostess and always offers you ‘the other half’ of your drink, regardless of how many previous ‘halves’ you’ve had

3) Eat well
Leanne doesn’t like to cook. Instead, she cooks her food how M&S tell her to cook it on the packet
Now, that’s not just cooking… that’s Marks & Spencer cooking

4) Keep fit
Leanne’s not a big fan of exercise. Every time she feels like exercising, she lies down until the feeling goes away (thank you to Robert M. Hutchins for that quote)

5) Drink well
Leanne is a big fan of our little drinks. She likes to take an innocent smoothie in her lunchbox to work every day – and she always enjoys reading the label(s)

And, as the proof is in the pudding, here's a photo of her lunch:


In true granny-style, she has a rubbish picture that I did when I was a child on the wall in the downstairs loo

Framed, of course. Here it is:


I’ll be moving out shortly into my new home

Granny Leanne asked me whether I could simply buy the flat, but keep living with her

Truth be told, I’d love too