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a newt in a bra

Over on instagram last week (clever photo sharing app that makes everyone and everything look considerably cooler than it actually is), Ben (Head of Colouring In at fruit towers) was taking drawing requests for the day. Kitty asked him to draw a newt in a bra riding a rainbow in a thunderstorm. At sea. So he did.


lights out for earth hour

WWF's earth hour is this saturday 31st march at 8.30pm

This Saturday is WWF's Earth Hour, when hundreds of millions of people, businesses and retired wrestlers around the world will be turning off their lights at 8.30pm to show their support for the planet. So whether you fancy a nice moonlit walk, a bit of dancing in the dark or a candlelit meal with friends, just make sure you switch off the lights and any other electrical items you can do without (perhaps not the freezer) at 8.30pm sharp. And hopefully while the lights are off, it will get us all thinking about what we can do beyond the hour to help protect this brilliant world we live in.

Watch the video and find out more.

last minute love

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. And if you haven't already made plans for the one you love/lust/like, there's still time to pull something special out the bag. Here are a few ideas to get the romance section of your brain fired up:

1. Make a personalised smoothie label.


Just click here to unleash your inner Casanova and pen your declarations of love (or pinch one of the ones we've already written). Then, print it out and stick it onto a smoothie bottle, hand it over and wait patiently for them to succumb to your charms.

2.Make a 3D chalk creation that your loved one will see on their way to work.


Something love inspired would be nice. You'd better get started now.

3. Write them a hug note on a post-it.


4. Have a carpet picnic complete with Malteser tiffin and homemade tortilla chips and salsa dip.



5. Send an e-card of a loved up pair of animals via Friends of the Earth. Another environmentally friendly option is to reuse a card from a previous year.


7. Make a mix CD.

Now 32

Vickers got this for her birthday and we're all pretty jealous. It's got the 32 songs that have been number one on her birthday each year.

8. Embrace your inner cynic, hop on board the "Valentine's Day was invented by the card companies" bus and let it pass unnoticed. If your beloved complains, question why you loving them every other day of the year isn't enough.

happy birthday to our juice carafe

Carafe 1st birthday cake

Today is our juice carafe's first birthday. To celebrate we sang happy birthday, we played pass the parcel and Dave F's wife made this rather lovely orange sponge cake. Being an inanimate object our carafe wasn't able to enjoy the cake, so we did the decent thing and helped it out. It was delicious.

You may also remember that last week we set you the challenge of writing an ode to our juice carafe. We had some cracking entries but there could only be 3 winners, so a big well done to Lydia, Paulme and Becky whose tales of hullabaloo, marching bands and vodka made us smile a lot.

Its our juice carafe's first birthday,
We are planning to have a great laugh,
All our staff will be singing hip hip hip hooray,
For the success of our posh jug, the carafe.
The apples and oranges, all of our fruits,
The staff, and Richard Reed too,
Are going to strip down to their birthday suits,
And cause quite a hullabaloo.

It's our juice carafe's first birthday
A Juice of high repute
Twelve months of loving labour
Devoted to the fruit
The finest natural product
From Innocent to you
Add a drop of Vodka
And make it naughty too

It's our juice carafe's first birthday,
Bring on the marching band,
Bursting with fruit and here to stay,
They're the zest-iest in the land.
So let's dance for joy and celebrate,
Gather round all your friends,
'Cos they're never made from concentrate,
And there's even some exciting new blends.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Lydia, Paulme and Becky. A case of our juice will be on its way to you shortly.