Thoughts from category: our drinkers

rude(ish) magnets

Until November, our kids drinks come not only with the promise of delicious wedge-shaped fruity scrumptiousness (it's a word), but three free magnets too.

We're really rather fond of our magnets - they help kids practice their spelling and, as we all know, spelling's good for the mind, body and the soul (and pretty handy when you need a job, too).

However, a few people have been in touch with us on Facebook to say that their selection of magnets have been spelling out some rather rude words:



We're taking this matter very seriously and will be looking into it immediately* (*sniggers into sleeve).

juicy sweetcorn

We love seeing some of the weird and wonderful ways you lot recycle our packaging, so when this picture popped up on our Twitter feed of our empty juice carafe's being used as mini greenhouses for Poppy's sweetcorn plants it made our day 89% better. 


Thanks, Poppy - may your corn by sweet and forever golden.


This man here is called Innocent.

And he's holding some innocent juice. This fills us with joy. Thank you, Innocent (not us...the man called Innocent who's holding the innocent, in this blog post from innocent about the man called Innocent holding the innocent and so on and so forth until FOREVER).

Envelope doodles

Here at fruit towers, we like to call our Customer Service Team our People's Champions (because they are champions, my friend), and our People's Champs tend to use any excuse to get the felt tips/crayons/oil paints* out when they write back to our drinkers. Our Rio's signature touch are her biro doodles of customised scenes on the envelope, which we thought were too good not to share:

*only on very special occasions.