Thoughts from category: our drinkers


We don't mind a bit of healthy competition (it keeps us on our toes) but we were a bit worried this week when Matteo shared his 7 year old daughter Carlotta's plans for a new smoothie company called 'Mangolia'. 


Her drinks come in every flavour, are available in every shop and even have their own dramatic tagline – "Eat it well. Drink it well. It's pure fruit. It's fresh fruit. Mangolia." 

 We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

A smoothie related love story

For years, Bekkha thought our smoothies were "foul, full of bitty weirdness and had the consistency of badly made porridge" (cheers Bekkha). However, one day she spotted one wearing a little Big Knit hat which made her giggle. This caught the attention of a man called James who bought her the smoothie (which turned out to be delicious) and asked for her number. Today marks their four year anniversary and we thought a card celebrating their beginnings was in order. Congratulations, guys.


Human Buckaroo

If there’s one thing we enjoy it’s finding new and interesting ways to make the lives of our friends and co-workers slightly more difficult (all in the name of ‘a bit of fun’).  Hollie was clearly thinking along the same lines this week as she sent us this photo of her friend Rory upon whose person she has been playing Human Buckaroo. 


We reckon you could get a couple more bottles on there Hollie. Go on - we believe in you.

spiders in veg pots

We’re not going to lie – opening an email with the subject line ‘spider in a veg pot’ gave us a slight heart-stopping moment of dread, but we soon recovered when we realised that it was all in the name of science. 

You see, nature enthusiasts Dylan and Kieran have been using our empty veg pots to make ‘insect observation pods’ so they can observe and draw creepy crawlies before setting them free. 


We thought their idea was so brilliant we decided to award them with very special and exclusive 'Certificates of Recycling':


You’re recycling heroes, boys (and we'll look at a spider a little more closely next time we spot one, thanks to you).

If we're honest we still don't see it.

This week we received this picture from a youngster called Monty. 


We admired what was clearly a brilliant depiction of the blending of strawberries in an innocent smoothie: such creative use of different reds, such movement, such a prodigious talent to bring squashed fruit to life in such an original... Oh. Hang about. On turning it over, we noticed a note on the back, saying that this was actually Monty's painting of a red combine harvester. Yes, we can see it now. Monty, we love it. Thank you.