Thoughts from category: our drinkers

We all make mistakes

Guys, we're not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. Hard to believe, we know, but every now and again, when the blue moon is in the sky, it can happen.

This week we received a complaint from Frankie who found half an uncrushed banana in her smoothie. This has never happened before and all we can think is that our blender was playing up or a rogue chimpanzee passed through who couldn't find the compost bin. 


We're still a bit confused as to how the other half found its way onto Frankie's desk (strange, that) but we're very sorry and will make sure it never happens again.

Legs of cheese or arms of bacon?

Would you rather have arms made of bacon or legs made of cheese? We posed that very question on the back of our smoothie cartons recently and Will wrote in to say that he would much rather have arms made of bacon to avoid the whole 'cheesy feet' stigma and resulting social isolation. We drew him a picture to better illustrate how this might look so he could make a more informed decision:


We think he's onto something – while bacon arms may attract a stray dog or two, you'd always have delicious bacon at your fingertips. Literally.

dale's smoothie disaster

Since one of innocent's founders, Jon, found himself covered head to toe in smoothie one hungover morning, there has been a plaque on the wall here at fruit towers with the sensible instruction to 'shake before opening, not after'. We even put it on our bottles. However, it doesn't seem to have been enough as, this week, poor Dale here became another victim of distracted smoothie shaking. 


We feel your pain, Dale, but thanks for acting as a good warning to us all.

Auntie Mabel

This week Flora (aged 3) and her Dad (aged 35) decided to take a creative approach to their post-Christmas mountain of recycling by turning one of their empty smoothie bottles into a new family member. 


They call her Auntie Mabel, and she comes complete with a furry hat, a handbag, and a rather fine pair of nostrils. Well done for thinking outside the box, you two – all she needs now is a pince-nez and a string of pearls and she'll be ready to attend the matinée.

Tricia's tree

Over the years we've sent you lot a fair few Christmas presents - socks, tea towels and, nine years ago, Christmas tree saplings. This week we discovered that our Helen's mum Tricia's tree is still going strong – in fact, it is now eight feet tall, bedecked with baubles and has survived a few assassination attempts by Helen's dad, who thinks the garden would look tidier without it. 


Thanks for looking after it so well over the years, Tricia (and excellent jumper, by the way).