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the innocent smoothie-signal

It’s late at night, all the shops are closed and you realise that you really want a smoothie. It’s a nightmarish scenario which we can say, without fear of exaggeration, is familiar to at least every single person in the country.

It’s definitely familiar to Sophie. Last month she found herself in this exact situation. So, she did what anybody would do - she took to Twitter.

We suggested that she try building a big light in the shape of our smoothies and shine it into the sky, so we could come running bearing delicious smoothies.

We’ll be honest, we weren’t being entirely serious.

So imagine our surprise when, nine days later, Sophie sent us the following pictures.

The Smoothie Signal, shining brightly into the sky, alerting us to any smoothie-based emergencies (and hopefully not annoying the neighbours too much). If we’d been in any way prepared we would have jumped into one of our Huge Grassy Vans and immediately rushed to the scene.

As it is, we’ve had to make do with sending Sophie a load of vouchers in the hope that they help prevent future smoothie emergencies.

We know what you're thinking, 'how can I make my own Smoothie-Signal?' Well, Sophie can explain:

All I did to make it was cut out the logo from the cardboard smoothie carton with a craft knife (I wanted to make it recyclable too of course) and then I cut a hole in the back of the box to shine the light through. Because the torch has a strange upsidedownie-topsieturvie effect in the middle I couldn't shine the torch directly onto the logo so I cut the back hole lower down.

If you do make your own, remember - the Smoothie-Signal is not a toy. With great signalling comes great responsibility.

the innocent agm 2015

A long time ago we held our first AGM*. It went well. People came to see us, they had some free smoothies and we all became friends. So we held another one, and another after that. Things went on like this until our last AGM in 2011. Then, for a few years, we were too busy (we could hardly invite people round when we didn’t have time to tidy up beforehand). This year however we decided it was time to do our best Moloko impression and bring it back.

So, on 10th October, we invited loads of you into fruit towers to find out what we look like, who we are and why we do what we do. We were scared. It had been so long since the last one. Would anyone actually turn up? If they did, would the enjoy themselves? How were we going to hide the three years of accumulative mess inside fruit towers? Turns out the answers were yes, yes and ‘with a LOT of help’.

There were talks from Dan (who’s ultimately responsible for all the important stuff like how we look and sound), one of our original founders, Rich, explained how we got started way back in 1999 (from a hangover, apparently. Makes sense) and our CEO Douglas told everybody about the amazing work of the innocent foundation.

We had tasting sessions (including a couple of brand new recipes) and, in an idea that definitely wasn’t based on a popular BBC TV series, we held a Great British Blend Off. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry were judges and we even have pictures to prove it. It’s definitely not just Emma and Nick dressed up in frighteningly realistic costumes. 

Even the fourth floor stapler was there although, obviously, not actually on the fourth floor.

We had a great day, everybody who came along seemed to enjoy themselves too (or they were just being polite when they told us they had a nice time) and we very much doubt there’ll be another three year gap. We’ll see you next year. 


*annual grown-up meeting

Return of the AGM

We haven't had you lot over in a while. We're sorry about. We've just been really busy making smoothies, taking over the world and doing the hoovering.

But we think it's about time we made it up to you.

Which is why we’ve decided to hold an innocent AGM* on Saturday 10th October 2015, and we’d love to invite you lot to pop down to Fruit Towers for the day.

You’ll get to hear all about the innocent story, make your own smoothies and taste lots of stuff from our range, old and new.

If you fancy coming along with a friend, click here to enter your details. We’ll be choosing the lucky few on Thursday 24th September so get your skates on.

For all those who can’t make it, don’t worry – we’ll be posting updates of the day on our Twitter page with lots of photos so it'll be almost as good as being there. Almost.

Good luck and we hope to see you soon.


*a grown up meeting

Maria, you gotta see her

We’ve taken the 4th floor stapler on a few outings recently – so far it’s visited Cambridge, an inner city London farm an, um, the second floor

And it seems that its international celebrity status is growing because when Maria spotted us positioning it outside the Ritz last week she asked if she could get a photo. 


We were chuffed, but, since then, it’s started refusing to staple any documents which aren’t ‘business critical’ and won’t sit on the desk with the unbranded hole punch. Diva.

we don't understand it but we know we love it



All you need to know about this photo is that it's a dog called Oliver wearing two hand-drawn innocent smoothie labels as glasses, which were made by a lady called Louise. Now, just take it in. Savour it. Reflect on what it is you have seen. And then go about your day as normal.