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the making of chiller: behind the scenes

So having won the innocent scholarship, back on a sunny Saturday in September, Jim, film crew, makeup artists, an array of mixed ability dancers and one zombie baby descended on Fruit Towers for the filming of Jim Anderson's Chiller.

For those who like to see how the magic happens, here's a little behind the scenes tour of the day.

Location location

Chiller was filmed in a series of glamorous locations across Fruit Towers.

The products kitchen: pre the zombie smoothies arriving.


The post room (previously seen in the box office smash 35 people, a franking machine and a post room)was used as the janitor's closet

Post room

The gym also featured

Interestingly, the gym has had a strange effect on Mark G in the past

Mark green


Car park practice

Car park practice went on all day. And well into the night.

Have a little look here:


The lovely makeup ladies worked their magic to transform fresh faces into less fresh faces.

They were brilliant at talcing it up


Paid close attention to detail


Made sure everyone looked suitably terrifying, including Baby Zombie, Eva, aged 2 (left)

Zombie baby

And Ed G and Joe.

Post make up

Post makeup.


There was a lot of this


Quite a bit of this

Fright night

And lots of waiting around, maxing out the rider (which consisted mainly of sausage rolls and fizzy cola bottles)

Chiller rider

Special effects

The amazing smoke machine was used in the gym, the post room, the car park, where ever needed copious smoke really.

(Thanks to Louis who won the award for spending most time lying on a wet car park floor, pumping smoke out at people for hours. And hours)

The monster jeep also came along

Jeep monster

It rocked up, complete with massive floodlights on the back, metal shelves to leap onto, Bodyform style, and the capacity to go underwater (which was not needed during filming but reassuring to know)

And of course, the fake hand


The fake hand was used in the video as a pointer in the zombie boardroom meeting and can be also be seen later on, falling off Olly H, mid dance off.

Currently, Ruth is using it as her own personal receptionist to answer the phone and freak out Sustainability Lou.

The cast

Having subjected them to a set of gruelling auditions, Jim handpicked every dancer and then sensibly split everyone into dance troops to learn a section of the dance each.

There was Troop Smash

Troop smash

Troop Camp

Troop camp

And Troop Literally

Troop literally

A good proportion of the dancers from Troop Literally are members of the GoldFork Toad Football Team

Goldfork toads

You may recognise them from such features as Return of The Goldfork Toads

Here they are, off the pitch, on the car park floor, mid pelvic thrust.

Goldfork zombies

Spot the difference.

Fancy finding out a bit more about the Zombie All Stars? Get up close and personal right here...

more damsons, more blackberries, more movies

Here are some more films about our new autumnal ingredients. First up is a clip about damsons, featuring the mighty Stanley Yapp.

And next is Craig, tending to some very large blackberries.

Both worth watching if you fancy finding out a bit more about the UK ingredients that are currently going into our damsons, blackberries and elderflowers and damsons, blackberries and apples recipes.

autumn has officially arrived

We've been getting very excited about autumn. We found a load of fruit in the UK that we've made into a seasonal recipe, available in little bottles and big cartons. And we've made a film about it too...

The recipe is damsons, blackberries and elderflowers (in bottles), while the carton has damsons, blackberries and apples in it. Our elderflower growing friends in Hertfordshire had a tough year this year, so there were only limited amounts of elderflowers available.

It's good to get ingredients from harvest to bottle in a matter of days, so we hope you enjoy this recipe. From field to fridge in the blink of an eye.