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a special film makers' workshop

Saturday 19th Feb, 2011.

For many, this will go down as the day when it rained a lot, or as the weekend where they had a particularly tasty croissant for breakfast.

But for me, Sat 19th Feb will be marked as my favourite day at work. Ever.

A few weeks ago, we blogged a post inviting people to come along to a special film makers' workshop here at Fruit Towers. 60 soaked, but surprisingly chirpy, budding film makers came through the doors of the Towers on Sat for a very special workshop with Ben Wheatley - film director, funny man, and chap who made our advert.


With beanbags and biscuits, and a Wizard of Oz style presentation from up on the balcony, Ben shared some of his top tips for film making, ranging from how to use storyboards effectively to the importance of time management in directing.

We'll let you into a secret...the number 1 rule of film directing?

Never, ever sit down.


In the afternoon, our budding film makers were set loose to create their own 30 second mini movie superhero movie, armed with Ben's tips and a no expenses spared* film makers' kit.

*this may not be strictly true

They looked up for the challenge, so we threw in additional angle of artistic opportunity/anguish and gave them each a genre or theme for their mini movie, ranging from slasher horror to circus chic.

They spent a bit of time brainstorming...


...and then the magic started to really happen as the gaffa tape came out, the fishwire was attached, and a selection of Fruit Towers' finest random props were put to excellent use.


The result? 9 truely excellent films watched with lashings of popcorn that had us in stitches.


Check out some of the results, and find out how you can get involved in our mini movies competition here.

Thanks so much to those of you who came down for the day. We'll be smiling about it for a while to come.

Lady Gaga comes to Fruit Towers

Although Gaga recently popped into the Cross Keys in Hammersmith for a pint the other month, we just missed out on getting her in the door for a smoothie. So instead, we thought we'd take innocent to Gaga-land, through our very own Glee club. Enjoy.

an innocent Big Knit Christmas film

As mince pies are getting minced, wine is being mulled, and the Oxford Street Christmas lights are now on, Christmas 2010 has officially started. By way of a Big Knit early Christmas present, we bring you our Christmas film.

A big thank you goes to Val Cox who knitted Santa and his little helpers, Shirley Lloyd who made the Christmas tree, and Lesley Abdolhosseini who created the ballerinas.


a Big Knit little video

The other week an unexpected little friend drove up to fruit towers. What's that, one of our grassy vans?


Yes, but he's a little on the small side. Surely he can't be carrying very many smoothies in there? Watch the video to find out...

A big thank you to the Tilgate Drive Knitter Knatterers for sending us the little van, and the hundred hats inside.


meet the zombies

By day, they manage everything from getting smoothies from A to B, keeping the office ship shape, answering the bananaphone and doing IT stuff.

Mixed ability

But by night (and every other weekend), they rise up, cast their day jobs to one side and dance like the living dead.

If the living dead had a thing for talc, ripped lycra and mixed ability dancing.

Please say hello to the Zombie All Stars

Eddie - Office Superman (and self proclaimed Head of Security)


Day-to-day job: Manning the grassy van fleet, filling the fridge, fixing all problems when Ian the Builder isn't about, refilling the fridge, lifting lots of heavy stuff, using a drill and sporting an array of day glo flat caps.

Zombie role: Werewolf and zombie dancer in Troop Camp. Someone has since stolen said mask. He'd like it back please. No questions asked.

Eddie zombie

Interesting fact: Eddie has just won the innocent scholarship to take acting lessons in New York. In anticipation of hitting the big time, he very kindly signed his autograph for you to add to your collection.


Print out, save and then whack on eBay in five year's time.

Ruth - Commercial Operations


Day-to-day job: Ruth describes her day job as 'Working with the sales team to make sure all their chat actually happens'. Or getting the right smoothies get to the right place at the right time.

Zombie role: The receptionist and lead dancer in Troop Literally

Ruth zombie

Interesting fact: Ruth had planned to bury her costume for that authentic zombie look. Told everyone she'd buried it in fact. Went out in the newsletter and everything. Turns out after all, she forgot to bury her dress. Thankfully, talc disguises a multitude of hastily purchased sins.

John T - Commercial Manager


Day-to-day job: In his own words, John 'looks after' the high street. Meaning where ever you see one of our drinks in a high street shop, you'll have John's silver tongued sales patter to thank.

Zombie role: Zombie Dancer #8 in Troop Smash. Lightest on his feet of entire cast (see below)

John zombie

Interesting fact: Despite being a lifter of big weights and lover of all things sporty, John won the award for Ponciest Dancing Shoes this side of Fame, chasséeing up in slip on dance pumps.

Mark G - Infrastructures Analyst

Day-to-day job: Something to do with networks and servers. Something to do with going into a big cupboard under the stairs that no one else is allowed in.

Mark g

Zombie role: Boardroom zombie, gym zombie and integral member of Troop Literally

Mark zombie]

Interesting fact: Mark knew his calling from an early age. Sadly his fashion forward jumpers and trendy bowl cut weren't enough to cut it at fashion college. So he plumped for a career in IT instead. Mini mark

Check out that keys on that board.

Jim Anderson - Head of Projects


Day-to-day job: In his day job which is "more than just I.T", Jim and his team are in charge of changing the difficult stuff in Fruit Towers. Explains alot really.

Zombie role: Casting director, location scout, producer, dance teacher, screen writer, the main man (Pictured below: Front of shot, slightly green, tight red jeans)

Interesting fact #1: Jim reckons he spent 10 hours learning the dance. That's not taking into account time spent practicing in meetings or whilst standing behind people's desks. Just imagine. All that gyrating, all that hee hee, going on right behind your chair when all you'd ask for was an Excel formula.

Interesting fact #2: The hardest bit of the dance to get right was this sequence:

Right hip, right hip, right hip, in, out, left hip, left hip.

He's got it nailed now. After all that back-of-chair rehearsing,

So now you've met some of the cast, gleaned their vital stats and had a sneak peak of the choreography (right hip, right hip, right hip etc), why not check them out in action right here?