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for marathoning humans and non-marathoning humans

Running a marathon is impressive. Not as impressive as wrestling a shark or bringing the Dodo back from extinction but it's up there. So, to all you runners out there, we just want to say good luck. May your leg muscles carry you home.


If you're not running a marathon this weekend, we also want to take a moment to appreciate you for the not-quite-as-good-but-pretty-good human that you are. Having a successful Sunday can feel like a marathon in itself these days. 

First, you've actually got to get up (and, potentially, get home). Then, if you're really on your game, you need to go the the flower market, pick up the day's papers, whip up an instagram-worthy brunch, get the roast in the oven, take the dog for a walk in the woods, and tidy up the papers you haven't had time to read. And that's before you've even started on Netflix or told everyone on Facebook what a perfect Sunday you're having. 


Running about a bit

It's the London Marathon this weekend, and we salute those of you who are running. Just as we salute those of you who aren't running, because you’re probably watching it on the telly in your slanket. Much more sensible. But perhaps just as clammy.

innocent marathon running signs

If you’re coming down to cheer on a loved one/total stranger from the sidelines this weekend then we’ve put together a few signs that you can print out and hold up as they whizz/walk/crawl past you: